The Philadelphia 76ers did not have the offseason the organization and fans wanted.

Despite missing on several high-profile free agents, the excitement is not lacking for the upcoming season.

With training camp starting on Sept. 21, it’s time to forget about who the 76ers didn’t get and focus on the players on the current roster.

Sports Illustrated Top-100

Just like every roster in the NBA, the Sixers don’t have a perfect team. That become evident during the Sixers run in last year’s postseason.

But there are many teams that would like to take what the 76ers have compared to their current situation.’s The Crossover has released most of its Top 100 players of 2019 and the 76ers are well represented.

J.J. Redick finished at 62 on the list, to go along with Dario Saric (54) and Robert Covington (48).

Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid have yet to be ranked as the countdown continues.

This list shows the 76ers are far from a two-man show. Last year’s 52-win season opened the league’s eyes to players like Saric and Covington.

Many fans are upset with Covington’s ranking due to his struggles against the Boston Celtics in the playoffs, but his versatility helps the 76ers in a big way.

His ability to disrupt an opposing offense with deflections provides another dimension to this team. Plus, his 3-point shooting ability helps create space on offense.

Saric provides hustle with a solid all-around game and Redick makes 3-point shots.

Overall, this is a well-balanced team that will be one of the best in the Eastern Conference. They have star players to go along with role players who provide support for Simmons and Embiid.

They have flaws but not enough to contain Philadelphia’s excitement of year two with Embiid and Simmons together.

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