What Aaron Colvin’s Return means for the Jaguars

Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback is coming back from a 4 week suspension. What does this mean for the struggling Jacksonville Jaguars?


Aaron Colvin’s Return

The Jacksonville Jaguars are getting one of their best cornerbacks (Aaron Colvin) back after a 4 week suspension. Aaron Colvin was suspended because he broke the NFL’s PED policy.Aaron Colvin had a very good training camp, especially at the nickle position.

“He is a good blitzer, good in coverage, short area quickness, so some of the qualities you look for at nickel,” Bradley told reporters at a press conference on Wednesday. “Look for him to be there and just jockey some things around on the perimeter then. A guy like Jalen now who will stay outside for the most part.”

Colvin’s return provides flexibility for the Jaguars. Since he is a very good blitzer from the nickle position, it will allow Jalen Ramsey to stay on the outside instead of rushing the passer. Seeing what Gus Bradly said shows that Colvin will allow the already dominant Ramsey to shine even more by staying at the position he excels at.

What to expect on Sunday?

Aaron Colvin’s return could be the key to the lacking Jaguars pass rush. Expect to see Colvin in the nickle position on Sunday vs the Bears. With Davon House’s inconsistency this season you might expect to see him on the bench Sunday. He should be replaced by Aaron Colvin, but this all depends on the heath of an injury prone Prince Amukamara. If Amukamara remains injured Sunday Davon House will be starting.

Expect to see the Jaguars rushing the Brian Hoyer in new and creative ways on Sunday. With the return of Colvin and a quickly developing defensive line, Gus Bradly has no excuse to not reach the quarterback in week 6.

Colvin can put a lot of pressure on the Bears quarterback Brian Hoyer. This should cause the below average quarterback to make mistakes. With the help of Aaron Colvin; the struggling Jaguars to get their second win of the 2016 season and become a respected NFL football team.

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Auburn University Freshman, Die hard Jaguars Fan
Auburn University Freshman, Die hard Jaguars Fan


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