ACAA NHL Team of the Week 11/5-11/12

A look at the standout performers in the past week in the NHL, highlighted through a small composition of ACAA's team of the week.


In this inaugural Team of the Week for the Armchair All-Americans, I will take a look at player performances in the NHL over the past seven days and pick two lines of players (i.e. six forwards and four defensemen). I will select the first line based on raw points, Corsi, and Fenwick. I will also choose the second line based on these stats but adjusted for time on ice. This way, I can get the expected big names on the first line and the lesser known players who played well on the second. At the end, I will select the worst player of the week to be the ACAA Weak Link of the Week.

First Line — Forwards

At center, I have Jordan Staal of the Carolina Hurricanes. Despite an unimpressive week from the Canes, Jordan Staal was a sign of better things to come. On the week, Staal had six points, two goals and four assists. On top of that, he had 24 total shots, with 15 of those on target. His on-ice Corsi/Fenwick stats were an incredible +46/+40.

At right wing, I selected the Blues’ alternate captain Vladimir Tarasenko. Tarasenko had seven points with one goal, 30 total shots with 13 of those on goal, and a Corsi/Fenwick of +46/+31.

Coming in on the left, I picked Taylor Hall of the New Jersey Devils. The winger had five points with one goal, 27 shots with 16 going on target, and a Corsi/Fenwick of +43/+30.

First Line — Defensemen

This week, Torey Krug of the Bruins stood well above all other defensemen with a stunning Corsi/Fenwick of +61/+47. He managed 25 total shots and 13 on goal, rivaling the top forwards of the week with his offensive performances.

The second defenseman of note this week was another player from St. Louis, Kevin Shattenkirk. While Shattenkirk was on the ice this week, the Blues scored 10 goals while only letting in one. Shattenkirk directly scored one of those goals and assisted four of them. He had a Corsi/Fenwick of +21/+12.

Second Line — Forwards

On the second line at center, I picked Andrej Nestrasil of the Hurricanes. Despite only being on the ice for around 38 minutes this week, Nestrasil got himself a goal, shooting 13 times with 11 on target. That’s a shot accuracy of 84%, which is a great rate. His adjusted Corsi/Fenwick was +36.6/+35.0 per 60 minutes.

At right wing I selected Radim Vrbata from the Coyotes. Vrbata was on the ice for a mere 47 minutes, but got two goals and two assists, with 13 shots on goal. He contributed around 25 shots per 60 minutes for his team, and his adjusted Corsi/Fenwick per 60 minutes was +26.4/+20.1.

On the left I picked Johnny Gaudreau of the Calgary Flames. Despite the Flames weak performance this week, where they lost all three games, Gaudreau was a light in the darkness. He had a staggering adjusted Corsi/Fenwick per 60 of +55.4/+43.7, scoring two goals and getting an assist.

Second Line — Defensemen

On the second line in defense, I chose Dennis Wideman of the Buffalo Sabres. Wideman was on the ice for 20 minutes, but got himself an assist and 6 shots on goal. His Corsi/Fenwick was +19/+8 in the short time he was on the ice, and when adjusted per 60 minutes, he had an impressive +54.8/+23.1.

For the second defenseman, I chose Mark Giordano from the Flames. Despite not getting any points this week, Giordano had a not-too-shabby 26 shots on goal, with an adjusted Corsi/Fenwick per 60 of +30.4/+17.2.

Weak Link of the Week

This week’s Weak Link of the Week goes to the Sabres’ Josh Gorges. Despite his team only letting in four goals while he was on the ice, Gorges had a horrible Corsi/Fenwick of -67/-51. Even though he was on the ice for 82 minutes, he only had 1 shot, and that one was off target. Gorges will be hoping for a better performance next week if he hopes to help his team snap their four-game losing streak.



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