Atlanta Falcons All-Time Team versus New England Patriots All-Time Team

Super Bowl 51 Edition

*P.S. Some stats are based on fiction



Tom Brady and the Patriots are looking to knock off the hard-hitting Atlanta Falcons; as New England is looking to win its fifth title since the turn of the century. Atlanta is still seeking its first championship since losing to John Elway and the Denver Broncos in their last Super Bowl appearance in 1999. As we get set to kick off here in Houston, Texas!

1st Quarter

Brady opens up the drive, fakes it to Faulk, pump fakes and throws deep downfield for a Wes Welker reception. A 43-yard bomb, and first down Patriots. Atlanta looking to capitalize, snap, Brady steps back, looks and is SACKED! Vic Beasley has just had a tremendous season, hasn’t he? I mean, gathering 18.5 sacks and getting 4 last week in the NFC Championship game. Brady, takes the snap, 2nd and 18, looking for Brown, and is incomplete. Third down now, Brady looking, has time, tosses to Cunningham and is stuffed after a 5-yard gain; fourth down. Field Goal unit makes it way onto the field as Gostkowski sinks this one through, New England takes the lead 3, Atlanta 0.

Vick takes possession of this hot Falcons’ offense, takes the snap, throws to Jim Mitchell, complete for a gain of 13. Vick rolling now, as he burst through the defense for a gain of 17 yards, first down Atlanta; boy doesn’t Atlanta’s offense look alive and blooming right now. Vick hands off to Riggs, and Riggs just powers his way for an Atlanta touchdown. Atlanta is completely overpowering the Patriots right now, 7-3. Brady looks, throws and completes a New England touchdown to Gronkowski, Patriots up 10-7. Coming to a close on the first quarter Vick has completed 9 passes in a row this drive and now William Andrews, the fullback drives it in for an A.T.L. touchdown, Atlanta now takes the lead 14-10.

2nd Quarter

Brady leads the charge, looking for an answer and is PICKED OFF by Keith Brooking, what an amazing leap! Vick taking advantage of another opportunity to score, throws deep to Julio Jones for a whopping 63-yard gallop, touchdown Atlanta 21-10. After that this quarter was a dead beat, Atlanta leading going into half.


METALLICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHORTEST STRAW!!!!!!!!!!!


3rd Quarter

Vick and the Falcon offense takes the field, totally overpowering the Patriots prideful defense. Vick completing over 80% of his passes, already rushing for 76 yards on 3 attempts, now throws another touchdown pass with the heads hung low on New England’s sideline. Atlanta adding to their already large lead, 28-10. Brady still has the fire inside, as he drills in a 28-yard touchdown to Edelman, but Atlanta still with a commanding lead 28-17. Falcons take the field, winding down the clock as Riggs and Andrews bully New England’s defense to punch in another touchdown, 35-17 Atlanta.

4th Quarter:

Brady taking the field, completing 13 passes this drive, throws another convincing touchdown toss to keep New England close, 35-24. Vick scrambling and is sacked, and it’s a fumble! Seymour recovers the ball and New England takes possession. Brady throws yet another touchdown pass, crunching closer to taking the lead, Atlanta, 35-31.

Vick looking to redeem himself, scrambles and rolls out to complete a 53-yard pass to Roddy White. Atlanta just looking for another touchdown and they’re stopped on 3rd and goal, as Matt Bryant’s kick is good, Atlanta 38-31. With very little time remaining, Brady looks to drive down field and score to tie the game. Patriots driving, and Vic Beasley yet again, another sack, hurry up offense, Brady takes the snap and throws an INTERCEPTION! DEION SANDERS PICKS OFF ONE OF THE GREATEST TO EVER PLAY THE GAME! WITH A LITTLE UNDER A MINUTE REMAINING, THAT’S GAME FOLK, ATLANTA BEATS NEW ENGLAND TO BE CROWNED SUPER BOWL 51 CHAMPIONS!

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