Saturday, October 16, 2021
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Darrell Hersman

I’m a die-hard White Sox fan who grew up during the Frank Thomas era. I’m a high school history teacher by day, and a wannabe GM, well, all the time. I live out that fantasy on MLB 18: The Show, but I regret to inform you that even I still have not helped the White Sox rebuild turn the corner. I once got an autograph from Kevin Tapani during warm-ups by walking to the front row and shouting “Hey, Kevin! Will you sign this?” I was eight. Now, chasing autographs is on my Murtaugh list. But, I do have an amazing wife and two wonderful kiddos. I can’t wait to see who their favorite players will be growing up and who they will hound for autographs! Marrying my best friend and the birth of my children are the three greatest days of my life. Behind those major life events is Mark Buehrle’s perfect game and the entire 2005 season. I’m honestly just a dad trying to watch a game whenever possible and hoping my children fall in love with baseball the way I did.