Wednesday, August 5, 2020
Authors Posts by Diamond Holton

Diamond Holton

Born and raised in Washington, D.C., sports has always been a topic of conversation, predominately because our city hasn’t had a championship parade in a very long time. Luckily, I’m only a fan of three teams in the area: Wizards, Capitals, and Mystics. To add on to my list of fandom are the Baltimore Orioles and THE 5X Super Bowl champions, the New England Patriots. My all-time favorite sports are tennis, football, and field hockey. Weird huh? I can debate about Serena Williams for hours….and hours….and hours because I was raised on watching her back when she and her sister Venus had the beads in their hair and there is no one even close to being better. PS4 is my poison of choice and I can play MLB The Show for 2-4 hour a day. No judging. All my Mystics, Washington Valor, and tennis writing can be found at Fox Sports 1340AM Radio.
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