Saturday, September 25, 2021
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Grace Boyles

Hi y’all! I am a Southern soul stuck in a Michigan girl’s body. One day I will escape these six month winters. But I have cherished every moment of growing up in Northern Michigan and attending a small high school where the morale of the town varies depending on the weather and how our sports teams are playing. I was raised in the maize and blue worshipping Tom Brady, Bo, and Charles Woodson. Every Fall Saturday began with me, my brothers, and my dad huddled in the living room watching College GameDay. We cheered on Michigan, Alabama (my younger brother is a bandwagoner), and any team playing Ohio State. And Sundays were designated to preventing my dad from having a heart attack while watching the Detroit Lions wait until the fourth quarter to actually play a game. In a nutshell, sports, to me, have always been extremely emotional and that’s why I became a fan.