Sunday, August 9, 2020
Authors Posts by Joey Bruno

Joey Bruno

I am Joey Bruno from the great state of Tennessee. I just recently graduated and am now living the dreadful life of adulthood. I have played video games almost daily since the release of the great Playstation. I am a huge fan of the best football team in America, the New York Jets. This great team depresses me everyday with their choices and their own play, but I still love them somehow. There are a few great moments during my fandom, but mostly bleek depression. I became a Jets fan because my parents were born in New York, and then my father has grown up with the Jets, and passed that down to me, and let me know “it’ll be a depressing life.” I tend to enjoy single player games, but i enjoy one multiplayer game, Rocket League. Rocket League has been a hobby of mine used to hang out with friends, to scream at my phone screen during RLCS, but also continually learn how bad I am at it once I play online, or with friends. If you’re bad at doing something, just write about other people doing it!
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