Monday, August 3, 2020
Authors Posts by Logan Fricks

Logan Fricks

Throughout my childhood, I was never much of an athlete nor did I watch many sports. Although I participated in practically every sport you could think of, I was never good at any. Throughout high school I struggled with finding my passion, I never truly knew what I wanted to go to school for but I knew for a fact I wanted to be at the University of Kansas. Being a Jayhawk was a dream of mine since childhood and I never even considered going anywhere else. Finally, midway through my senior year of high school I found my passion, writing. I was in an English class where we wrote an autobiography and it was at that moment I knew what I wanted to become, a sports journalist. I graduated high school and eventually moved to Lawrence, Kansas where I now major in both Journalism and Sports Management. Despite never taking any journalism courses in high school, I have found my passion and my dream job. I love writing about all sorts of things, namely Kansas Football, basketball and I even do some writing about music. As I child I never expected to be where I am today, but now I hope to use ArmChair as a way to branch out into the world and make connections. For now, I hope to continue expanding myself and develop as a writer.
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