Friday, August 7, 2020
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More Important Issues

We're a podcast based out of Knoxville, TN started by two guys with a passion for sports. Hailing from Knoxville our obvious addiction is anything with the color orange. The University of Tennessee Volunteers has garnered both of our fandom in a very special way. Any given saturday you can find the two of us tailgating and singing Rocky Top in our "home sweet home" right on the banks of the Tennessee River. That being said, our love for sports extends beyond our beloved Vols and out into each and every corner of the athletic world. Our goal is to bring you sports in an entertaining and unique way. Weekly we will take in-depth looks at the sports on the campus of Tennessee. Also, our shows will also consist of the latest in all sports from the best to the worst we will cover it all. We will have up to date information and opinions on all that goes on in sports. We want to say thanks in advance to all of our listeners and readers who allow us to do something we love. We hope you all enjoy More Important Issues!
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