We are in the final stretch of Big 12 football games. Not only is the Big 12 title on the line, but Big 12 recruiting targets will be making their final decisions next month. This month’s football games will play a big part in those decisions.

All four Saturdays and one Friday in November have Big 12 matchups, meaning that we will see Big 12 recruiting visits every week. Some of these games will be more important than others, and we are here to tell you which ones.

Nov. 4 Nov. 11 Nov. 18 Nov. 24-25 Best Game
Baylor Kansas Texas Tech Iowa State TCU Texas Tech
Iowa State West Virginia Oklahoma State Baylor Kansas State Oklahoma State
Kansas Baylor Texas Oklahoma Oklahoma State Baylor
Kansas St Texas Tech West Virginia Oklahoma State Iowa State West Virginia
Oklahoma Oklahoma State TCU Kansas West Virginia TCU
Oklahoma St Oklahoma Iowa State Kansas State Kansas Oklahoma
TCU Texas Oklahoma Texas Tech Baylor Texas
Texas TCU Kansas West Virginia Texas Tech Texas Tech
Texas Tech Kansas State Baylor TCU Texas Kansas State
West Virginia Iowa State Kansas State Texas Oklahoma Texas

Home games are listed in italics, and the column furthest to the right lists the games best suited for hosting visitors.

Baylor Bears

Best Game: Texas Tech

The Bears really wished they were hosting the Kansas-Baylor game, but it is not their turn. They will just have to settle for the next best thing. Texas Tech is 4-4 on the season and is currently on a three-game skid. They play Kansas State before heading to Waco, but that could easily result in Tech coming in on a four-game skid.

Baylor will hope to add to that skid in front of some of their few remaining targets. At this point, it is the only chance they have of winning over recruits, like Tommy Bush, who are on the fence.

Iowa State Cyclones

Best Game: Oklahoma State

Iowa State has been climbing in rankings all over the place. They are the #14 team in the AP Top 25 and the #15 team in the CFP Rankings. While their two losses all but guarantee they will not be playing in the playoffs, the top rankings and the chance to win the Big 12 has a big impact on recruits.

The team has had a knack for knocking off big opponents. They beat Oklahoma in Norman and TCU at home. If they can complete the trifecta against top-ranked teams in front of some big-name recruits, they may even have a chance to flip some players and climb up the Big 12 recruiting rankings. 

Kansas Jayhawks

Best Game: Baylor

Shockingly, Kansas has not been good at football this year. They don’t look to be much better next year, either. A win over Baylor probably won’t make that big of an impact on their Big 12 recruiting chances, but it is a start. It is just too bad. What else to Kansas fans have to look forward to if their football team isn’t any good?

One way or the other, Kansas has to host recruits if they want to recruit well and get better. The best time to host recruits is in front of a game you can win. This is the only game left on Kansas’ schedule that they will even have a chance to win.

Kansas State Wildcats

Best Game: West Virginia

Kansas State and West Virginia are pretty evenly matched, at least more so than Kansas State and Iowa State. Kansas State should have a chance in the game. That’s something the team really hopes for when they bring kids on campus. Well, that’s what they tell me, anyway.

Oklahoma Sooners

Best Game: TCU

Oklahoma has a shot to make some big waves early in November. First, they play Oklahoma State in the Bedlam game, and then they get their shot at a very good TCU team. Knocking both of these talented teams down a peg is a very good look in the eyes of recruits.

The Sooners also have linebacker Christopher Oats and cornerback Ken Montgomery Jr. coming in for a visit to this game. The TCU game is one of the best chances Oklahoma will have to show off its ability to potential recruits. Expect Lincoln Riley to make the most of it.

Oklahoma State Cowboys

Best Game: Oklahoma

It’s Bedlam. The teams are close together in ranking and talent. If you don’t understand why this is a big deal, you don’t follow Big 12 football very closely.

I’ll still break it down for you. Both Oklahoma and Oklahoma State are in the top 15 in the CFB Playoffs rankings and the AP Top 25. They are playing an intense rivalry game, and there are likely to be many Oklahoma prep players in attendance. Put all that together and you have a tasty Big 12 recruiting stew.

TCU Horned Frogs

Best Game: Texas

TCU plays Texas and Baylor at home. A win over Baylor is not going to inspire a ton of people to jump right up and play football for a team named the Horned Frogs. A win over a big-name program like Texas will do a little better job.

TCU’s Big 12 recruiting class is pretty mediocre, so if they would like to continue on with being good at football, they should really put the rubber to the road this month.

Texas Longhorns

Best Game: Texas Tech

Texas is in a bit of weird place, recruiting-wise. They have the best 2018 Big 12 recruiting class. At the same time, they kind of stink on the field. I say ‘kind of’ because they stink just the right amount for Big 12 recruiting purposes.

If underclassmen look too good, recruits may pick other schools so they can get earlier playing time. If the system looks flat out bad, the recruits will pick other schools that are not flat out bad.

When a team sits in the middle, where the scheme is fine but the players are not all spectacular, recruits see it as a perfect storm. They feel that they can come in and fix the problem. In other words, Texas’ mediocrity has been just fine for recruiting.

A home game against West Virginia gives Texas the opportunity to continue this mediocrity as they try and land players top players like Anthony Cook and Terrace Marshall.

Texas Tech Red Raiders

Best Game: Kansas State

The Red Raiders have had a major slide in the Big 12. They have lost three straight and need to right the ship quickly. It just so happens that their best chance at winning a home game in November comes on the first weekend in November.

A win by Texas Tech against the Wildcats shows the recruiting world that the team is not in shambles and is not falling apart, no matter how many voodoo curses Mike Leach hurls at them or how many (awesome) middle-school websites he builds. Well, the websites that he pays someone to build with the money Texas Tech didn’t pay him.

West Virginia Mountaineers

Best Game: Texas

West Virginia has themselves in a decent spot. They have done a decent job of recruiting this year, and Will Grier may just stick around another year. A win over the blossoming defense the Longhorns have put together makes a solid case for offensive recruits to find their way to Morgantown.

Best chance to win over Big 12 recruiting targets: Oklahoma Sooners

Oklahoma is involved in two huge recruiting games this month. First, they play their Bedlam game. Sure, it’s hosted by Oklahoma State this year, but there will certainly be an abundance of local Oklahoma recruits in attendance for Oklahoma State. If the Sooners trounce the Cowboys, some of these recruits may think about going to the other school in their state.

Then Oklahoma plays TCU in a matchup between the best two teams in the Big 12. Well, excluding Iowa State, I guess. In addition to both teams having been swept up by a Cyclone, they both could use the potential playoff berth to close the recruiting gap between them and Texas.

If Oklahoma comes out of possibly their two most difficult games unscathed, it will mean big things for their Big 12 recruiting chances.

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Crootin Department Head | The Armchair All-Americans, LLC
I am an author, copy-editor, rancher, sports writer, and father who spends his free time devouring sports statistics in an attempt to be the best armchair general manager my family has ever had the pleasure of ignoring. My wife watches more football than me. Despite that, I still think you care about what I have to say. Reach me at [email protected]


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