A couple of notes on the composite rankings put together by our guys.

  • There are four clear tiers in our rankings. Oklahoma is alone in Tier 1. TCU and West Virginia make up Tier 2. Texas, Iowa State, Kansas State and Oklahoma State are in Tier 3. Lastly, Baylor, Texas Tech and Kansas round out the league in Tier 4.
  • Oklahoma is the clear favorite to win the league, and it’s not really close.
  • All of the preseason hype for West Virginia was not enough to put them in the same tier with Oklahoma. They did pick up one first place vote, but there was still a wide margin.
  • As expected, there is a group of teams in the middle of the conference that were close enough in the votes to be almost interchangeable. I was surprised with how low Oklahoma State was in this ranking, but I don’t think others will be.
  • Coach Kingsbury will be in trouble if Texas Tech doesn’t outperform this ranking.
  • There is not much of an expectation for Kansas to outperform the previous couple of years this season. It could be time for the Jayhawks to go in a different direction after this season.

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