The New York Giants once again made a splash in free agency this past offseason. The only change was that it came on the other side of the football. Arguably the best signing this offseason, wide receiver Brandon Marshall is a stud football player and will help the
Giants immensely. He’s a huge wideout, standing at 6’4″, bigger than any other receiver on Big Blue. Signing him was also a steal because they got him for 2 years and $11 million. He’s proven he can still play, and the people who say he can’t are just flat out haters.

Two years ago, Marshall was one of the best receivers in the league putting up huge numbers. He had over 1,500 receiving yards and 14 touchdowns with Ryan Fitzpatrick throwing him the pigskin. Last year was a different year for Marshall, putting up less than half of those numbers. Now, that’s where the dumb talk about Marshall being washed up begins. Fitzpatrick finally came to his senses and realized he is a terrible starting quarterback. Then, once he got benched after playing atrocious football, Geno Smith and co. continued the bad play. Obviously, Marshall isn’t going to have a good season with a mediocre-at-best quarterback.

Marshall has proven to be a dynamic asset for every team in his career. That will be no different during his time as a Giant. Marshall will line up across the field from Odell Beckham Jr. and constantly create distractions for other defenders. Personally, I don’t think Marshall will have a monster year mainly because he can’t. He can’t because of all the playmakers on Bob McAdoo’s¬†offense. There are way too many guys to all be able to put up big numbers. Odell, Marshall, Sterling Shepard, and now Evan Engram are all going to be huge playmakers for this offense. The only question worth asking is who will have a better season of the four?

Odell Beckham Jr. That’s who is going to have the best season of the four. Although his season will be a testament to the other three guys. Other defenses are going to have headaches playing the Giants. They aren’t going to have enough defenders to cover all of the NYG’s receivers and it’s going to be mayhem for the defenses, but an amazing show for Giants fans.

Marshall is going to be used as a distraction but also mainly in the redzone. Eli Manning is going to love seeing his huge receiver near the end zone and I guarantee he will try to throw to him all the time. #15 may take away a lot of touchdowns from Odell, but won’t be detrimental to his stats. Marshall will also not have that many yards. I believe he will have a similar amount of yards as last season- around 800 or so.

All of the people who don’t think Brandon Marshall will have a good year are just people who are jealous he isn’t on their team. The impact he’s going to have by just being on the field is what the Giants signed him for. He wants to win. The Giants are in win-now mode. This season will be very entertaining to watch Marshall and the Giants’ quest for a Super Bowl.


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