‘If I’m not starting, I’m not going back.’

Brice Butler did not hold back on how he feels about how the Cowboys run their offense on national TV. He also indicated that he feels his production would have been better than long time Cowboy Dez Bryant‘s if they had used him properly. Now a free agent, it doesn’t look like he’ll be back with the star on his helmet in 2018, and Butler doesn’t seem to be phased about that idea.

Butler has a laid-back attitude, with the swagger that’d you’d expect from an elite receiver in the NFL. He also expressed on Undisputed that he had the most yards of his career in such limited playing time, but humbly added mostly because all of his targets were deep balls. The Herd’s host Colin Cowherd tried to pry answers regarding Dez being a roadblock for Butler, but he stayed the course, constantly reiterating that the situation needs to be right wherever he goes in free agency. Brice also came to Dez’s defense regarding his outspoken nature on the sidelines, where many have come to criticize him.

But is Butler, right? Could he have been more productive than Dez if he had his role in the offense? If you’re asking me, then yes, Brice Butler probably would have been more productive, than Dez Bryant given the opportunity in 2017. I’ll even go as far to say that if he lands a starting job in free agency, he’ll be better in 2018 than what’s left of Dez Bryant. Me being critical of Dez Bryant for large parts of 2017 and into 2018 takes nothing away from what he did earlier in his career. He was dominant for years. No one could stop him on jump balls and he demanded double coverage just about everywhere on the field. But folks, it’s a new day. Dez simply doesn’t have it anymore. The Cowboys must find a new role, or way to utilize him in the offense. Possibly in the slot, if Dez is willing to swallow his pride and put the work in, because he can’t separate enough to be the team’s number one, X receiver.

Butler looks to have the tools and a rapport with Dak Prescott to be effective as the X receiver for the Cowboys. He has good speed, capable of big plays which we saw on just about all of his snaps in 2017. Something Dallas lacked greatly. Though, it’s not looking like he’ll be back in Dallas, with Jerry’s insistence on Dez still being capable, and Butler’s wishes to start.

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