Lately, Wisconsin’s collegiate sports have been at the forefront of national news. The Badgers have been know for shocking teams like LSU in football and Kentucky and Villanova in basketball. The basketball team gained Final Four experience, and the football team just missed the Rose Bowl. The Badgers have essentially become mainstream and that’s not something Wisconsin is used to.    Something is missing from this equation though.

What about Wisconsin Baseball?

Now, there is some history behind baseball in Madison. The school had this program all the way up until 1991. At this time they promised then-current ball players they would continue the program when in a better financial spot. I think that time is now. Today, Wisconsin is the only Big Ten team without a baseball squad. The Timber rattlers, Green Bay Bullfrogs, and Milwaukee Brewers have all truly shown how much the test of Wisconsin loves baseball. America’s old past time needs to be restored to Wisconsin’s campus

Many are not happy about the lack of baseball in Madison. Wisconsin produces an immense amount of top talents. According to Prep Baseball Report 21 recruits coming out of the state’s 2017 class are attending D1 schools. Imagine if the Badgers could assemble a team with that much talent sitting in the state. Some of the schools that these players chose were Oklahoma, Creighton, Xavier, Michigan State, and even Michigan. This list includes many midwest schools, and that adds to the argument that these kids would want to stay home and play for Bucky.

I am not the only one that would love this addition to the Badgers athletic department. There is actually a online petition for badgers baseball and it is picking up a lot of attention these past couple weeks. You can find this petition here. They have now gathered more then 2,000 signatures, which is pretty strong. This team is something that the fans truly want to see and need to see. Don August, a former Milwaukee Brewers pitcher, has also gone on record saying he is an advocate for a  rejuvenation of this program. This is shown in the below tweet.


In conclusion, I would just like to make my call to action and encourage others to stand up and  ask the University to truly consider this team. I understand that it can cost a pretty penny, but the profits will most likely outweigh the losses. Wisconsin Badgers baseball could truly be a contender, and I think many would agree with that. If Wisconsin finally re-implements a team, the Big Ten better look out!

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