Saturday, January 22, 2022

The Armchair Scout: 2020 NFL Draft Preseason All-ACC Team ft. Notre Dame

2020 NFL Draft
The ACC is loaded with talent not only from defending champs Clemson, but every school and the Armchair Scout is here to tell you who the best 2020 NFL Draft prospect is at every position in the conference.

Pitt Panther Rants: Pitt Football/Basketball add commits, Aaron Donald, NBA, and more

Wlat is back after a hiatus. Good things are happening for Aaron Donald. Let’s hope they continue. Pitt Football has been on fire on the recruiting trail! Pitt Hoops added a transfer. I also dig into NBA free agency, Nike Controversy, and Women’s World Cup.

Pitt Panther Rants: The Pat Signals Keep Rolling!

It’s another great month of June for Pitt. The commits are rolling in and they’re great ones! I talk the endings of the NBA Playoffs and Stanley Cup Finals.

Panther Rants: Pitt News, Steve Blass, NBA drama, and NBA/NHL Playoffs

Pitt is doing things to work in accordance to the ACC Network and merchandise is selling! Steve Blass is taking some heat and would’ve been better served if he just kept his mouth shut or clarified. NBA wants to remove the term “owner”, but then has a “hold my beer” moment. I finish talking NBA and NHL Playoffs.

Memorial Day Weekend, Pitt Recruiting, NBA and Del Hockey Memories

I talk Memorial Day Weekend. Pitt Football gains a transfer but losses out on a local kid. What else is new? I talk NBA Playoffs. I try to talk NHL playoffs but it spirals into Dek Hockey.

Pitt Football/Hoops Add Another and NBA Playoffs

Pitt Football lands a 2019 player. Pitt Hoops lands a JUCO guard. I talk about Pitt Hoops and the list of Caucasian basketball players they’ve had over the years as some fans say “they can’t land the guy” with the campus/system they’ve had. I talk NBA Playoffs and some NHL.

Pitt Football lands another, NBA Playoffs, Big Ben extension, and NFL Draft

Pitt Football lands another player for their 2020 class. Pitt had one player drafted and others signed. Big Ben got an extension which upset some national media people. I talk NBA Playoffs, Adidas Trial, and Reggie Bush.

Pitt Staff Changes, Pitt NFL Draft, Ovie Fight, and NBA Playoffs

Pitt Football keeps changing and changing. Also, not much going on in terms of Pitt and NFL Draft projections. I talk about the Ovechkin/Svechnikov fight and how the national media should leave this alone. I also talk about the NBA playoffs.

Pitt Four-One-Two

Pitt got itself into a controversy on “412 day” last week. I talk about the issue from both sides. In the end, I get why the business did it but it was done very poorly. Pitt honored its athletes this week and I give a run down of the awards and who’s on the Varsity Walk.

Pitt Wraps Up Another Spring

Pitt Football wrapped up another Spring. I give my thoughts on the game. LSU reinstates Will Wade means they’re all in. It’s an arms race in the SEC for Hoops and they have to stay in it. I talk about the Masters and NBA playoffs.