Sunday, September 26, 2021

Definitively Ranking All 130 College Football Head Coaching Jobs

With nearly 40-50 programs willing to inject millions in their football programs, not everyone will be happy, or even content. But, as big money continues to talk in college sports, people listen.

Big 12 By the Numbers: Bowl Edition

With the exception of the National Championship game, the 2016 college football postseason is over. So let's take a look at the numbers one last time in this bowl edition of Big 12 By the Numbers. Motel 6 Cactus Bowl Boise State 12 - Baylor 31 Baylor (7-6) took over this game early in the second quarter to put away a 10-win Broncos...

What Options Do the 49ers Have at #2 Overall?

This year's NFL draft is brimming with top-shelf talent. Which players should the 49ers consider taking with the 2nd overall pick?

2017 NFL Draft Big Board: Version 1.0

With the Super Bowl upon us, Armchair Draft Analyst Grant Baker releases the first version of his NFL Draft Big Board.

Grant Baker’s Mock Draft Version 1.0

With the NFL season behind us, draft analyst Grant Baker reveals his first Mock Draft.

SEC Media Day announcement has me thinking… This has to be handled delicately with how serious Alabaman's take their SEC Football, and the pride in showcasing it just outside the state capital. But it's time for the SEC Media Days to move out of Hoover for a number of reasons, and this could be the last one in Alabama. Every year, SEC Media Days takes over the mainstream...

Bruin Breakdown: UCLA vs. Texas A&M

It is safe to say UCLA’s football season will be challenging, and even the out-of-conference games, which are generally on the easier side of things, will not offer the Bruins a reprieve. UCLA will take on Texas A&M on September 3 to open the 2017 campaign. The Aggies finished the 2016 campaign with an 8-4 record, which included a...

The Texas A&M Quarterback Argument: Who Will Start?

Texas A&M Football has quite a few questions to answer heading into both SEC Media Days and the upcoming season. The quarterback question however, looms strongest of all. Who will be the starter for the year? Will Sumlin and company go with a senior full of heart and Aggie spirit, a redshirt freshman who has had time to learn...

SEC Media Days: Who and What to Expect from Texas A&M

It's that time of year again Aggies, SEC Media Days. Attending players have been chosen, coaches are preparing for endless streams of questions and the air is practically buzzing excitement. While media days kick off on Monday, Coach Kevin Sumlin is not set to take the podium until Wednesday afternoon. He brings with him a trio of Aggies sure to...

No Excuses: Three Takeaways from Texas A&M at SEC Media Days

There are countless questions surrounding Texas A&M Football this coming season. From unknowns at quarterback to vacancies on defense, who knows what the Aggies will have come September 3rd vs. UCLA. However, after Coach Sumlin's time at the podium today at SEC Media Days, here are our three takeaways. #1 The Focus on Run Defense is HUGE this Off Season. One...