Sunday, September 20, 2020

The One at FedEx Forum

Welcome into today's episode of More Important Issues! We have a look at Saturday's competition against Memphis at Fedex Forum. We take a look at the mystical offensive coordinator search. There is also a ton of recruiting information today curtesy of Landon. We have some Bowl game talk that will get you through next Wednesday. We have Vols in the NFL as well as our NFL power rankings. Today's segments include our JumboTron and stupidity is an epidemic.

2019 NFL Draft FCS College Football Preview

Finally, on Seven Rounds in Heaven, Rob Paul and AJ Marchese kickoff their 2019 NFL Draft college football conference previews. To start they tackle the entire FCS going through the best draft eligible players. They talk about a potential first-round QB, some interesting WRs, the son of an NFL Hall of Fame player, and a former SEC pass rusher.

Does Texas have a clear-cut starting QB?

Travis and Tyler return to briefly discuss the end of the baseball season and then jump straight into football talk. That football talk includes a bomb dropped by Travis about who's team this currently is...

The One with Some Basketball

Welcome into today's episode of More Important Issues! We open talking some Vol Football and their upcoming homecoming game versus Charlotte. We also discuss the Volunteer basketball team and the expectations for them. We preview the guard position and what to look for from them this season. Listen for our weekend preview of College football and our thoughts on the big games was well as the first CFP ranking. We have our Vols in the NFL and our NFL power rankings. Our segments today include our JumboTron and Stupidity is an Epidemic

2019 NFL Draft Group of Five College Football Preview

The 2019 NFL Draft college football preview's continue! AJ Marchese and Rob Paul dive into the real Group of Five with prospects from the MAC, Mountain West, Sun Belt, Conference USA, and of course the Independents. They cover two quietly impressive QBs from the MAC, a stud RB coached by Lane Kiffin, the next potential Will Hernandez, Rob's unrealistic belief in a Mountain West safety, and they rip on Notre Dame.

1st Quarter Review

This week on The Bears Talk Underground!!! For several years now, the month of September has been very unkind to our Beloved with slow starts that dug holes we couldnt find our way out of. But after the winds of change blew through Chicago in the off-season, Our Beloved are sitting atop the NFC North at the end of September instead of the bottom!! How did we get here? And are we here to stay? Lorin Cox from the Locked On Bears podcast joins us, for the 1st quarter review episode of The Bears Talk Underground!!

K-State vs Texas Preview feat: 7 Year NFL Vet Reggie Walker

Boscoe's Boys preview the upcoming game with Texas, but the show is stolen by the latest guest, a 3 year starter at K-State, 7 Year NFL Vet Reggie Walker. Reggie and the boys sit down and talk about the breaking news of Alex Delton taking over as the stater, make game picks, but then get real about the Ron Prince Era, and what life is like in the NFL. Yes it is long, but this is elite

Reggie Walker and Ian Campbell Tell All

The Boys are joined by two Wildcat Legends: recurring guest Reggie Walker and Ian Campbell. They discuss some hard truths including the need to support the college athletes when the season isn't going as expected, and what it's like to be on a team when things aren't going well. After that Reggie and Ian dive deep into what it was really like during the Ron Prince Era at K-State and expose some of the troubles that derived from that time in K-State football history. They open up what its like being a part of those K-State teams in the moment, and in present day. This is an episode you cannot miss.

The Transfer that Shook the Southland

Ep. 44 of The Spurs Up Show

Director of Athletics Gene Taylor Joins Boscoe’s Boys

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