Sunday, September 26, 2021

Combimetrics: the introduction of Magnum Octad Enumerate (MOE)

Combimetrics brings to you Magnum Octad Enumerate, the new theory that explains the true recipe for success in the majors.

Boring Minor League team names are a waste of an opportunity; how to be better

There’s nothing more disappointing than a Minor League affiliate with the same name as the parent team, unless its cliche like "Bulldogs" or "Cougars."

Combimetrics: Can Ivan Nova’s MSV scores improve in Chicago?

JTNDZGl2JTIwY2xhc3MlM0QlMjdzMm5QbGF5ZXIlMjBrLWxNU21mTUNyJTI3JTIwZGF0YS10eXBlJTNEJTI3ZmxvYXQlMjclM0UlM0MlMkZkaXYlM0UlM0NzY3JpcHQlMjB0eXBlJTNEJTI3dGV4dCUyRmphdmFzY3JpcHQlMjclMjBzcmMlM0QlMjclMkYlMkZlbWJlZC5zZW5kdG9uZXdzLmNvbSUyRnBsYXllcjMlMkZlbWJlZGNvZGUuanMlM0ZmayUzRGxNU21mTUNyJTI2Y2lkJTNEODU0NyUyNm9mZnNldHglM0QwJTI2b2Zmc2V0eSUzRDAlMjZmbG9hdHdpZHRoJTNENDAwJTI2ZmxvYXRwb3NpdGlvbiUzRGJvdHRvbS1yaWdodCUyNyUyMGRhdGEtdHlwZSUzRCUyN3MyblNjcmlwdCUyNyUzRSUzQyUyRnNjcmlwdCUzRQ==For those of you who have been keeping up with White Sox baseball these last several weeks, it may have come across your news feed the club acquired starting pitcher Ivan Nova from the Pittsburgh Pirates. Given, Nova is not exactly going to lead the South Siders to a World Series title on his own, or even be the...

2018 White Sox top five moments

As 2018 draws to a close, let's take a look back at this year's top five White Sox moments, decisions, and accomplishments.

White Sox: Hopes for the Winter Meetings

The Winter Meetings are in full swing, and the White Sox have reportedly been busy. Here are three things they need to accomplish before leaving Las Vegas.

White Sox: Time to overpay for Bryce Harper

The Hot Stove is heating up, but top free agent Bryce Harper is still available. It's time for the White Sox to do whatever it takes to sign the superstar.

Predicting the 2019 Opening Day White Sox Roster: Pitchers

As the rebuild continues to move along, let's take a crack at predicting the pitchers on the Opening Day roster for the 2019 Chicago White Sox.

Predicting the White Sox 2019 Opening Day Roster: position players

As the rebuild continues to move along, let's take a crack at predicting the position players on the Opening Day roster for the 2019 Chicago White Sox.

Will Jose Abreu ever play for a winning White Sox team?

Will Chicago White Sox first baseman Jose Abreu ever play for a winning franchise if he stays with the White Sox?

Why Adam Engel should win the Gold Glove

Adam Engel is a 2018 Gold Glove finalist, but were his highlight reel grabs and superb range enough to earn him the award?