Sunday, July 25, 2021

Full Count Chaos: Rough Week

Dj Stewart blooper moment | I like Brandon Hyde | Chris Davis needs to go

Full Count Chaos: Baltimore

Baltimore City trending | Elias says no thank you | Adley Rutschman feeling the pressure

Full Count Chaos: Os Having Fun

Ocean City rant | Jim Palmer is nicer than I am | Orioles are having fun and we should too.

Full Count Chaos: Angry Listeners

Listener takes out his frustration on the host | Nats vs Os worldwide spectacle | Changing the game of baseball

Full Count Chaos: The Rebuild Continues

Andrew Cashner gets traded to satans team | John Means got hosed | Justin Verlander tells Rob Manfred he's full of it.

Yankees Tighten Their Grip on American League in the UK

How did the Yanks do across the pond last week?

Full Count Chaos: Bad Smells and Bad Baseball

Orioles finally spank back | Clean up in section 22 | Brandon Hyde needs some THC

Full Count Chaos: Sports Talk

Paul Valle from Eutaw Street Report calls in the show this week to talk about the Orioles chaotic rebuild, Manny Machado, and fashion advice.

Full Count Chaos: Unwritten Rules

David Ortiz | Busch league baseball | Unwritten rules

Full Count Chaos: Hall of Famer

Hall of fame legend Adley Rutschman | MLB draft party 2019 | Feeling left out being an Orioles fan.