Monday, January 18, 2021

Yankees Tighten Their Grip on American League in the UK

How did the Yanks do across the pond last week?

Brian Cashman’s Quiet Moves are Paying Off

After winning 7 of 9 on a West Coast road trip, the Yankees reeled off 5 of 7 games at the Stadium. Huge weekend series vs the Rays for AL East lead.

After Sweep of Boston, Yankees Must Keep Momentum Going

Yankees Brett Gardner
After sweeping the defending champions at the Stadium, the Yankees are looking to keep it going against the Royals

Clint Frazier deserves a roster spot

Clint Frazier is finally getting his opportunity, and he is delivering for the New York Yankees on the biggest stage.

Sean Doolittle and Slade Heathcott should head MLBPA

Sean Doolittle
This is a true American labor problem, and the future of the MLBPA should be in their hands.

Now that Manny is elsewhere, #13 should be retired for Alex Rodriguez

The number 13 should never be assigned again, to anyone. Monument Park beckons Alex Rodriguez.

The 2019 London Series is great, but 2020 should be elsewhere

The 2019 series in London should be fun, but the 2020 series should be elsewhere.

The Yankees need to invest in offseason events for the community

New York Yankees
The Yankees should not continue to be the elitist club of MLB. They need to be reaching out to all of New York, as there are fans from all over.

A battle worth fighting: Mel Stottlemyre dies at age 77

There was nobody on a pitching mound in 1965 that could deny Mel Stottlemyre was not the ace of the New York Yankees. With Whitey Ford a year from retiring, Stottlemyre was the hot pitcher that would front the rotation for 11 years. On a very dreary June 20, 2015, Mel Stottlemyre brightened the skies for every single Yankee...

All non-pro level sports teams should have ridiculous names

Most of us have spent time looking through all of the Minor League baseball team names across the country. Ridiculous names should be required.
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