Monday, January 18, 2021

MLB should suspend Jason Vargas since the Mets will not

Devin Mesoraco
Major League Baseball should do the right thing and punish Jason Vargas. They have a checkered history.

$137.5 million is not enough for Jacob deGrom

The ace of the Mets should have gotten at least $170 million over six years.

The 2019 London Series is great, but 2020 should be elsewhere

The 2019 series in London should be fun, but the 2020 series should be elsewhere.

Combimetrics: the introduction of Magnum Octad Enumerate (MOE)

Combimetrics brings to you Magnum Octad Enumerate, the new theory that explains the true recipe for success in the majors.

Let’s get excited over the hiring of Brodie Van Wagenen

The Mets went bold with Brodie Van Wagenen and should be applauded.

The end of a Willets Point era for David Wright and Jose Reyes

David Wright
Willets Point is going to see a firework show and a tear show on September 29.

Come on Mets, just put David Wright back on the roster

The New York Mets front office needs to get David Wright back on the field, now.

Step one towards a successful 2019 for the Mets, lock up the trio now

If the New York Mets want to compete soon, they need to lock down their trio of starting pitchers, now.

The Disrespect Shown Towards Alvin Kamara

Along with the typical amazing fantasy baseball insight, this week Ian and Eric and a whole ton of fantasy football draft advice, including some serious disrespect/shade shown towards Alvin Kamara (and a few others).

Super Secret Special Surprise Episode

The newest episode of Slump or Dump is a crazy one! What starts as a typical episode of Slump or Dump erupts into a wild trade deadline discussion with a shocking finish that surprised even our hosts! You do not want to miss this.
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