Friday, August 7, 2020

Rougned Odor Providing All the Fantasy Punch You Need!

Ian and Eric discuss Ian's inherent Rougned Odor bias, their favorite streaming pitcher options for the week and their weekly risers and sleepers. They also continue to discuss Joey Gallo and his march to 50 home runs.

The New York Mets should not trade Devin Mesoraco

Devin Mesoraco
The New York Mets are having a terrible season but have plenty of pieces, hence why they shouldn't trade catcher Devin Mesoraco.

MLB Trade Deadline + Guest Host: Steven Creange

Joe was tied up with the Jets this week, so James was joined on the show by his dad and the Spurtability historian: Steven Creange (1:58 - 3:05). James introduces and gives out the inaugural Josh Hader/Sean Newcomb/Trea Turner Tweet of the Week award (3:05 - 7:32). The guys then dig deep into the MLB trade deadline and look at some of the best and worst trades (7:32 - 21:33). This leads into Roberto Osuna talk (21:33 - 27:53). They wrap up the show with some listener questions for James's dad (27:53 - 36:00). Spurtability store: Joe's Twitter: @joeylozito James's Twitter: @jamescreange

Who might the New York Mets put up for sale come the trade deadline?

New York Mets
After a hot start in 2018, the New York Mets have fallen to last place in the National League East. New York will surely be sellers at the trade deadline, and today we take a look at who the Mets' front office might be shipping out in July.

Major League Baseball needs to do away with fan voting for the All-Star Game

MLB All-Star Game
Fan voting for the MLB All-Star Game has been an off and on tradition since 1933. In the new age of baseball statistics and analytics, it is time that Major League Baseball moves on from a fan-selected starting lineup.

Devil Rays, Ichiro, and Bad MLB Teams

Joe and James open the show by talking about MLB players wearing mics and handing out their Trevor Bauer Hot Take of the Week (01:48 - 15:23). Joe discusses seeing Ichiro still do warm ups despite the fact that he is retired (15:23 - 21:20). James's dad joins the show to give his history lesson (21:20 - 22:29). The guys wrap up the show by talking about the travesty that is Tropicana Field (22:29 - 31:33) and the worst teams in the MLB (31:33 - 39:12).

Bad Trades and the NL Central

Joe and James start off the podcast by talking about how their takes became "sources" that writer's used (1:50 - 5:53). James hands out his Trevor Bauer Hot Take of the Week Award (5:53 - 12:04). Joe leads a discussion about the NL Central; specifically delusional Cardinals' fans and whether or not the Cubs are underperforming (12:04 - 20:20). James's dad teaches his history lesson this week (20:20 - 21:30). Joe and James talk about the Kelvin Herrera trade and the odd ways of Mets' fans (21:31 - 28:06). The guys wrap up the show by each discussing one of their favorite "bad trades" of the 21st century (28:06 - 40:29).

June updates and predictions on the MLB Postseason picture

As we get closer to the mid-season All-Star break, we take a look at what the MLB Postseason picture looks like in the month of June. The Mariners are surging and the AL East is all knotted up.

No, Mets fans, not all of this is Mickey Callaway’s fault

New York Mets
New York Mets Manager Micky Callaway is catching a lot of heat for his team's disappointing season, however, it's not his fault.

Listener Questions and Shohei Ohtani

Joe and James start off the show with their Trevor Bauer Hot Take of the Week (00:31 - 08:05). They then answer some listener submitted questions (08:05 - 20:27). James's dad joins the show to give his history lesson of the week as well as give himself a birthday shoutout (20:27 - 22:48). Joe and James come back with a short Shohei Ohtani segment (22:48 - 27:56) before wrapping up the show by revisiting some of Joe's award nominations from the first episode (27:56 - 36:47).
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