Monday, August 10, 2020

The struggles of small market teams in Major League Baseball

Major League Baseball
Market size impacts every major sport, however Major League Baseball's absence of a hard salary cap makes it especially difficult for small market teams to reach the success of baseball's royalty.

2018 Will Mark the End of the Montreal Expos

2018 will mark the year Vladimir Guerrero will be inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame. If he is smart, he will choose to wear a Montreal Expos cap on his plaque (yes, there are reasons why Anaheim would also be an option, but still). However, with Tim Raines going in this year with an Expos cap and...

Nationals prospect Victor Robles having a great winter in the Dominican Republic

Victor Robles
Victor Robles has gone 10-for-21 in five games in the Dominican Republic, as he gets ready for perhaps his first full season in the majors.

2017 MLB Postseason Picture and Predictions

With the 2017 season in the books, 10 teams have earned their way into the postseason with the chance to win it all. Who is primed for a deep run, and who will fall short? Let's take a look at each of the teams competing to be named 2017 World Series champs. Minnesota Twins (85-77) What a difference a year can...

Major League Baseball needs to do away with fan voting for the All-Star Game

MLB All-Star Game
Fan voting for the MLB All-Star Game has been an off and on tradition since 1933. In the new age of baseball statistics and analytics, it is time that Major League Baseball moves on from a fan-selected starting lineup.

Expansion 42: The only way to fix the rivalries

It would require a lot of change, but expansion to 42 teams fixes everything.

Looking ahead: 2018 MLB rookies in fantasy baseball

Elijah Huebner looks forward to the best probable fantasy rookies in the 2018 MLB season.

The scariest half-innings in baseball

Close your eyes and imagine you are a pitcher in the major leagues. Now take it a step further, it’s the bottom of the ninth, the game is tied, and it’s YOUR job to keep the game tied. What are the last three names you want to see below “Due Up:”? What is this season’s scariest half-inning? *Note: The...

Predicting the MLB Postseason for the 2018 season

With just under three weeks to Opening Day, we attempt to predict how the MLB Postseason will look, and who we have as our World Series champions.

Major League Baseball first round mock draft

MLB Draft
The MLB Draft will take place June 4-6, with the Detroit Tigers making the first overall pick. Take a look at Armchair MLB's mock draft before the first round airs on MLB Network on Monday, June 4 at 6 p.m. EST.
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