Wednesday, January 27, 2021

NBA Last Two Week Report (Mar 4-Mar 17)

In the past two weeks of NBA basketball, we've seen Giannis Antetokounmpo dominate, the Thunder fall, and so much more in the Last Two Week Report.

NBA Last Two Week Report (Feb 21-Mar 3)

In the last two weeks of NBA basketball, we have seen Trae Young play some incredible basketball, the Boston Celtics lose their mojo, and so much more.

Who will be the Denver Nuggets X-Factor for the rest of the season?

The Denver Nuggets rang in the new year in first place. While the team continue to get healthy, who will have to be the X-Factor for the rest of the season?

Are the Denver Nuggets proving that they are the real deal?

The Denver Nuggets are beating a number of the NBA's top teams without many of their starters. Can they continue this success once everyone gets healthy?

Will the Denver Nuggets be able to survive with all of their injuries?

Injuries to the Denver Nuggets have the been the talk of the season. Yet, the Nuggets find themselves at the top of the Western Conference. Can they stay?

Will the Denver Nuggets be in a conundrum once everyone is healthy?

The Denver Nuggets have three impact players who are currently injured. Once they return, will the Nuggets be in a conundrum regarding playing time?

Are the Denver Nuggets’ opponents too sensitive to Jamal Murray’s antics?

Jamal Murray's wave against the Lakers infuriated Laker fans, who then went to Twitter. Are Denver Nuggets' opponents too sensitive towards these antics?

Does Nikola Jokić not have to score to be an effective player?

Nikola Jokić posted yet another stat line with single digit points. People usually assume he is being passive, but does Jokić have to score to be effective?

Do the Denver Nuggets need an enforcer to sustain success?

The Denver Nuggets did not show up against the New Orleans Pelicans. They were pushed around too much, so it's time to find an enforcer to fix this issue.

What was wrong with the Denver Nuggets on their four-game losing streak?

The Denver Nuggets were in the midst of a four-game losing streak. The team needs to bounce back soon, but first, Michael Malone needs to find out what is wrong even with the Atlanta win.