Monday, August 10, 2020

How Much Is Paul Millsap Worth?

  It seems lately that the only news to come from the Atlanta Hawks is each new loss that the team adds to its record. The Hawks are mired in a five-game losing streak following their 104-100 road loss to the Washington Wizards. Atlanta is now 5-10 since the All-Star break, and is in free fall as the regular season comes to a...

The long history between John Wall and Colin Cowherd

When the Washington Wizards won the draft lottery on May 18, 2010, Wizards fans celebrated. While having the number one pick usually sparks a little debate, it was never really questioned that the Wizards would be drafting John Wall. Since then, Wall has given his all to the Wizards organization and fans. This season has been injury-plagued for Wall. The...

Remembering a Legend: “Pistol” Pete Maravich

I had the privilege of attending the Atlanta Hawks game on Friday Night. The Hawks took on the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Cavaliers won the game 135-130, and in the process set a new NBA single game record with 25 made three-pointers. If you want to see more about the game, click here. Aside from getting to see the likes of...

The Atlanta Hawks are popular now
Historically known as a team consistently in the middle of the pack, the Atlanta Hawks have replaced the well-known faces for new and popular names. Although the team still might not win many games this season, the coverage level could be at an all-time high.

2017 NBA Draft Options and Analysis for the Miami Heat

The NBA Draft seems to always be around the corner and it's never too early or too late to discuss it. The beginning of the season made it look like the Heat were really going to end up having a top-five or even a top-three pick, but things have really come around and now they're likely to fall either...

Is Trae Young’s 2K rating right?

NBA 2K ratings are dropping, and Trae Young's has been the most recent shown. Did 2K Sports get it right?

Regular Season Overview: Atlanta Hawks

The NBA regular season has finally come to an end, and will give way to the first round of the playoffs on April 15. The Atlanta Hawks are one of the 16 postseason participants, and will (technically) be in the hunt for a championship. But the Hawks will need their postseason to be significantly more consistent than their regular season...

Rudy Gay Shows Miami Heat Who He Really Is

LaMarcus Aldridge wasn't the other Spur who showed up on Wednesday against the Miami Heat.

Washington Wizards need to look out for key playoffs opponents

The Wizards have three teams in the Eastern conference: Cleveland Cavaliers, Indian Pacers and the Philadelphia 76ers, who could possibly be their first round opponent.

A Look Back at This Seasons Celtics-Wizards Rivalry

The Celtics and Wizards met on Monday Night in Boston for the fourth time this season. The Wizards had taken two of the three meetings before tonight. The Celtics controlled this game for much of the night, leading to a 110-102 victory. The Celtics and Wizards have met four times this season, now splitting the season series at two games...
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