Thursday, August 13, 2020

Despite early season losing streak, Magic now playing good basketball

The Magic's four-game losing streak is over, can they now turn it into a winning streak? Orlando Magic.

Magic fall to Nuggets 91-87

The Magic are now 2 - 4, while it's still early in the season, they need to figure out how to win consistently. Orlando Magic.

Magic now 4-7 after win against Sixers

With a win against the Sixers, 97 - 112, the Magic are starting to look like the team that made it into the playoffs from last season. Orlando Magic.

Magic snap two-game losing streak, beat Knicks 95-83

After winning at home, the Magic are looking to defend its home court against the Bucks. Orlando Magic.

Magic fall short to Raptors

After enduring a two game losing streak, the Magic hope to bounce back in upcoming game against The Knicks.

Magic start off regular season with home win against Cavs

The Orlando Magic win against the Cavs, 85 -94. Orlando Magic.

Magic end preseason with a 3-3 record

Magic regular season begins next week, will it be ready come opening night?

Less than a week left before the Magic season is here.

Does the Magic's pre-season performance indicate how the team will perform opening night? Magic.

Magic continue winning streak during preseason

With only three games left of the preseason, can the Magic finish 6-0? Orlando Magic.

Magic preseason off to a strong start

The Magic preseason is off to a great start, and could mean something more for the regular season. Orlando Magic.
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