Sunday, August 9, 2020

San Antonio weekly preview and recap: The Spurs are in trouble

The Spurs go 0-2 versus the New Orleans Pelicans and Los Angeles Lakers The San Antonio Spurs really needed to win both of these match-ups to maintain a comfortable position in the tight Western Conference. However, they took two devastating losses. On Wednesday night, the Spurs hosted the streaking New Orleans Pelicans. Superstar Anthony Davis has took his game to an...

San Antonio Spurs weekly preview and recap: End of a roadtrip

The Spurs come back from the All-Star break fresh and rejuvenated Overall, the silver and black were a lot more engaged and focused this week. That showed in the turnover department as the San Antonio Spurs only had seven giveaways. Slated for an afternoon prime time game on ABC, the Spurs took a trip to the East Coast for a date...

San Antonio Spurs weekly preview and recap: February 19

The Spurs suffered a rough week as they went 0-2 before the All-Star break Monday night, the San Antonio Spurs went into Utah for what was the first game of a back-to-back. The Spurs once again had to play the flaming hot Utah Jazz. Unlike their previous match-up in San Antonio, Donovan Mitchell was available to play for Utah. Mitchell on...

Is this the season the Spurs 50-win streak ends?

The San Antonio Spurs have reached 50 wins per season for the last 18 seasons. Is this the season the streak ends? As much as San Antonio Spurs fans may hate hearing this, I'm afraid this is the year the streak ends. My reasoning for this is pretty simple. There's no current timetable available for superstar Kawhi Leonard, and the...

San Antonio Spurs weekly preview and recap: February 12th

The San Antonio Spurs go 1-1 this week with a win against the Phoenix Suns and a loss to the Golden State Warriors. It's safe to say the San Antonio Spurs went into Wednesday's game against the Phoenix Suns prepared. Well that's if you even want to call it a game. The Spurs busted out the gates to a 25-5 lead...

Rudy Gay Shows Miami Heat Who He Really Is

LaMarcus Aldridge wasn't the other Spur who showed up on Wednesday against the Miami Heat.

Tony Parker Sent to G-League Austin Spurs

Tony Parker heads to G-League Austin Spurs

San Antonio Spurs Try to Stay Undefeated Against the Miami Heat: Players To Watch

Spurs are still playing hot under LaMarcus Aldridge, but who are the other players to watch?

LaMarcus Aldridge Brings Fiery Play After Contract Extension

LaMarcus Aldridge signs a contract extension and then drops a double-double.

Pau Gasol Remains With the Spurs on a New 3-Year Deal

Pau Gasol has agreed to a 3-year deal to remain with the San Antonio Spurs. Earlier in June, Gasol declined his player option which was worth $16 million. He declined his player option so he could sign a much better deal with the team. Gasol was the last valuable piece that the Spurs needed to bring back. The team resigned...
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