Friday, August 7, 2020

Biscuits and Gravy with a Side of Malört

We're a day late, but to make up for it, we brought a friend! This week on Just Press Play, the guys talk about who had the best week in sports, IHOB, and a dictator's toilet (1:00), then the doctor is in the house to let us know what we're missing about hockey, and to assist in our ongoing debate of which athlete is superior (17:50). We hit on Lebron's casts, both supportive and protective, and we have some ideas on how to fix the NBA (34:33). An exotic year, or a once in a lifetime 10 minutes (57:46)? Did Colangelo lose the best job in sports (1:03:36)? And speaking of doctors, the Doc gives us a peek behind the clipboard, letting us in on why it takes so long, what patients do wrong, and how much you can trust a twitter physician (1:10:04). We finish it up, as always, with What We're Listening To.

Former Penguins finding success in 2018 Cup Final

Months or even years after being members of the Pittsburgh Penguins, these players find themselves on hockey's biggest stage.

How the Washington Capitals can beat the Golden Knights and capture the Stanley Cup

The Washington Capitals are one win away from earning their first Stanley Cup in franchise history. Brandon Alter discusses what the Capitals must do to secure a fourth win over the Vegas Golden Knights.

TDP67: Cleveland to Paris

The boys talk NBA Finals as the series shifts to Cleveland for Game 3 and Game 4. BC reports on Roland-Garros to bring us up to speed with the men's and women's quarterfinals. BC tells the comeback story of Marco Cecchinato and says a few prayers for Simona Halep as she fights her way back to the French Open finals. This episode is brought to you by The Armchair All-Americans. #TakeASeat

Cheatin’ for a Poke

This week, the guys break down the best and the worst, including the insanity of twitter, running away with the tie, and a nu start (1:00), then get into the pinnacle matchups in sports right now. In the NBA, who shot J.R., when should you change a call, and who's really the GOAT, or maybe just a goat (12:24). In the chase for the world's nicest ashtray, we break down why we think we might be sleeping on hockey (35:15). When is it okay to make a dirty play (41:29), when is it okay to use a sock puppet online (48:40), and when is it a good time to fill up (55:44)? Also how long should you delay gratification (1:12:05)? The guys have all the answers, plus some new jams (1:19:34), this week on Just Press Play.

How the Capitals can take a 3-1 lead over the Golden Knights

The Washington Capitals look to take a 3-1 lead over the Vegas Golden Knights in the Stanley Cup Final.

Capitals fall 6-4 to Golden Knights in Game One of the Stanley Cup Final

Takeaways from the Washington Capitals 6-4 loss to the Vegas Golden Knights.

2018 Stanley Cup Final: Vegas vs. Washington

The Vegas Golden Knights and Washington Capitals meet in one of the most unlikely Stanley Cup Final match-ups in recent history.

How the Washington Capitals can beat the Vegas Golden Knights

The Washington Capitals and Vegas Golden Knights begin the Stanley Cup Finals that no one saw coming on Monday.

Medium Rare Dessert

This week on Just Press Play, the guys hop in with the most viral perception perplexer since the dress (1:00). Then they give their best and worst for the week, including expansion drafting, Lou Adler, and making their own 30 for 30 doc (6:16). Our experts dissect why the NBA and Fortnite are winning over hearts and minds of our youths (28:51), give some updates on the NBA playoffs, and find out who is the worst person on the road (48:01). Pops needs to know how to answer the phone and when to leave a voicemail (54:40) and gives us a chance to relive our dreams, with a catch (1:04:59). As always, we wrap it up with What We’re Listening To, the art of making playlists, and how L.J. is ruining the future of hip-hop albums (1:14:10).
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