The Cleveland Cavaliers are headed to the 2017-18 NBA finals, but there needs to be a distinction between a headline we’ve seen the past three seasons and this specific journey. The Cavaliers were not expected to make it to this point — last season, the Golden State Warriors won the NBA finals in five games. The Warriors looked as unstoppable as we have ever seen in a single post-season, then Kyrie Irving, Cleveland’s former number one overall pick, made the biggest shot in franchise history and demanded a trade one year later.

LeBron James Year 15

We have officially reached the point in LeBron James’ career that saying there are no words to describe his greatness is considered a cliche. We’ve heard it all throughout this current playoff run, and what we expect from LeBron on a per-game basis is impressive in itself. This was the season the LeBron-haters guaranteed that someone would defeat the Cavs. For a while it seemed like they would be proven right, too, as Cleveland earned its lowest playoff seed in LeBron’s career, who had no true superstar alongside him for the first time since 2009. The narrative leading into the Eastern Conference Finals was perfect: all the Boston Celtics had to do was win Game 7. LeBron showed once again that defeating him in an elimination game is much easier said than done.

Every all-time great player in sports history has a list of memorable moments. Things that stand out from the mind-numbing stats that often lack context. Fans will always remember the Game 6 in Boston in 2012 and Game 5 against the Detroit Pistons in 2007. This post-season has had a slew of incredible moments in which LeBron James has continued to show that his story is still not over. Leading the Cleveland Cavaliers to the 2017-18 NBA Finals will go down among LeBron James’ greatest accomplishments, regardless of any other narrative.

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