The Cleveland Indians have a big offseason ahead and they are likely to be pretty silent on the free agent market.

Chris Antonetti and Mike Chernoff are going to have to get creative to improve this team. Corey Kluber and Carlos Carrasco have been rumored to be available on the trade market to help the Indians improve other parts of their team.

Cleveland has a lot of depth with its starting pitchers at both the MLB and minor league level. With Trevor Bauer establishing himself as a legitimate number one and Kluber’s stock as high as it will likely ever be, is now the time for the Indians to start exploring trades.

Who could be interested?

It has already been reported that the Yankees are interested in the services of Kluber, but who else could use the two-time CY Young Winner.

Milwaukee Brewers

The Brewers could use help with their pitching staff and their depth in the outfield and bullpen, so they could be possible suitors for a trade. The Brewers signed Lorenzo Cain and traded for Christian Yelich last winter.

They also have Ryan Braun and and Domingo Santana as good options in the outfield. Santana is just a year removed from a .278 batting average and 30-home run season.

The Brewers pen was one of the best in baseball last season and will have a number of pitchers who intrigue the Indians. Josh Hader would be the Indians top priority to get, but it would be hard to see the Brewers parting ways with Hader who played Andrew Miller’s role from two seasons ago this year.

Atlanta Braves

The Braves are a good, young team and are serious contenders in the NL. The NL is weak right now and the Braves have enough talent to get back to the playoffs for a second consecutive year.

Adding Kluber would make them World Series contenders because of the pitching depth they would have. The Braves were ranked seventh last year in team pitching – you can imagine how dominant they would be with Kluber.

The Indians would be looking for young MLB-ready talent from the Braves in return.

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