The Philadelphia 76ers will likely offer Jimmy Butler and Tobias Harris max contracts once free agency begins on Sunday at 6 p.m.

If the team is successful in bringing them both back on long-term deals, 76ers fans will breathe a sign of relief.

But their offseason cannot conclude there and be deemed a success without the bench being addressed.

The Others

If the Sixers return their starting five from last season, it will probably be the best starting lineup in the league. But it will take more than just those five to move deeper into the playoffs next season.

James Ennis III and Mike Scott were pivotal pieces coming off the bench during the playoff run.

Scott hit the game winning 3-point shot in Game 4 against the Brooklyn Nets in the first round, while Ennis averaged 12.9 points per 36 minutes in the playoffs.

Along with their offensive contributions, both were reliable defenders. Their versatility helped head coach Brett Brown navigate using an eight-man playoff rotation.

TJ McConnell and Jonathan Simmons didn’t get much playing time unless in blowout situations. Boban Marjanovic and Greg Monroe split Joel Embiid‘s backup minutes, both struggling at times in that role.

Scott and Ennis were the only two players Brown trusted off the bench during the playoffs.

Run it Back

The phrase “Run it back” has been popular in Philadelphia ever since the Toronto Raptors won the NBA Finals.

Many fans believe if Kawhi Leonard‘s off-balance fade away shot in Game 7 missed, the Sixers would have won in overtime and advanced to the next round.

Perhaps they could have followed the same path the Raptors did and concluded the season with a championship.

Of course, nobody will ever know the answer to that question and many teams could use the same excuse every year.

But the idea to “run it back” with Butler, Harris and JJ Redick makes sense and should be their priority.

Their plans will also need to include bringing back Scott and Ennis, who played well in the playoffs.

Don’t forget about the role players.

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