Even Year Magic

The Giants continue to draw from a well spring of odd defying moments to lengthen their postseason success


Baseball is a poetic sport. It’s full of moments that sometimes just make no sense. Moments that defy the odds. Moments that can change a teams destiny just like that. You can barely see them coming, but when they do arrive, these game changing events are just so beautiful to watch. It’s what makes people love the sport, and maybe hate it at the same time. You can’t manufacture these moments. They come from somewhere unseen. Some teams have more success in moments like these and many teams would love to have more chances to see things that just make no sense. In recent years however there seems to be a constant growing deep within the bowels of Major League Baseball. It’s a constant that seemingly defies every odd thrown at it and its a constant that the San Francisco Giants seemingly keep drawing from.

Since 2010 the Giants have won three World Series titles. Now if you follow baseball even just a little bit you’ll probably already know this. A team that hadn’t seen a World Series win since they moved the franchise to San Francisco in the ’50s, now seemingly without warning have taken the MLB and even years by storm. Now I don’t know how to break it to you but if you don’t know what year it is then don’t go at a calendar. (Looks at Calendar). Yeah, alright, you looked, and now you’ve seen that is 2016. Just don’t go looking at the bracket.mlb-weekly-recap

Shame on you. I told you not to do that. As you can now see, the Giants are in the Postseason. Now it wasn’t an easy road for them but now that’s all behind them because to the Giants its all about getting to the show. You see there’s something strange with the Giants that goes back to a recent postseason run. Now you might think that this even year stuff started in 2010 when the Giants won their first World Series. You’d be wrong but I can see what you were thinking.

The Birth of the Even Year Darlings

It seemingly started in a lowly 2012 division series against the Cincinnati Reds. The Giants with their backs against the wall by being down 0-2 in the series seemingly had to do the impossible. They had to travel to Cincinnati and win three games on the road to get to the NLCS, which had never been done. That’s where even year magic kicked in. The Giants won game three on a bobbled ball hit right to Scott Rolen and boom the Giants were still in this. They’d eventually go on to win the series on the back of some timely hitting and just dumb luck.

The Reds did something that series that should be taken note of. If you need to blame someone for the Giants winning in these even years then blame the Reds. They had the chance to end the Giants dreams but they didn’t. As a Giants fan even year b^!!$#!+ is something of an endearing term and has come to quantify these types of moments when the Giants have no business doing what they do.

This stuff keeps happening too. Game two of the NLDS. Jordan Zimmerman pulled after walking Joe Panik. Zimmerman was an out away from a 1 run complete game shutout. Then boom a single from Buster Posey and a then another hit and that tied the game. Then 18 innings of torturous baseball later and wouldn’t you know it, the Giants won that game on a solo shot from Brandon Belt in the top of the 18th. That put them ahead to win that game 2-1. Two full games of baseball and the Giants win another game on some just some weird odds.

It Kept Happening

The 2014 NLCS against the St. Louis Cardinals. Gregor Blanco lays down a bunt in game three with two men on in the 10th. Bunt looks good, runners advance and then boom the ball goes wide on a throw to first and the Giants win game 3. Need more?

Barry Zito facing off against Justin Verlander and out dueling him game one of the 2012 World Series. Barry. Zito. That doesn’t make sense. You could keep looking back from 2012 to now and you can see that Even Year magic is alive and well and there are countless moments that just defy the odds and that includes this most recent postseason run.

That Brings Us to the Present

Now the 2016 Postseason is still happening at this very moment. The Giants on the back of their postseason ace, Madison Bumgarner, won the NL Wild Card game on the road in New York against the New York Mets. Conor Gillaspie came up in a the ninth with two on and crushed a three run homer. Conor Gillaspie. The Giants backup third baseman comes in a hits a three-run homer to put the Giants ahead in a 0-0 game. No-name player + Giants baseball = Even Year B^!!$#!+. Its almost unfathomable that this happened. It be completely unfathomable to if he did something like it again.

What would be even crazier is if it was off the best closer in baseball. Who has a .122/.237/.155 slash against lefties and in 380 plate appearances has only allowed 40 hits and no triples to lefties. Aroldis Chapman would never let that happen. Looks at video. Happened.

Its this kind of insanity that keeps fueling the Giants Postseason success. You can look at every postseason series and could find handfuls of moments that just make no sense. To talk about them all in depth would be like writing a 50 page thesis paper. These moments keep coming and the Giants love it. They’ve crushed teams of destinies and the best teams in baseball.

Now the Giants have only won one game in this series with the Chicago Cubs. They’re facing elimination every night they play and with their backs against the walls yet again, the Giants seem to be thriving. It makes no sense and it doesn’t have too. Who knows? They might be eliminated in game four versus the Cubs. They could force a game five and head back to Wrigley. They could just win it all and continue their long and sustained troll of the MLB. At this point if you see the Giants are in the Postseason then you better step back and just watch whats gonna happen, because its gonna be fun to watch no matter the out come.

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