John Tavares is a franchise player, we all know that. Throughout his tenure with the New York Islanders, he’s accumulated 272 goals and 349 assists for 621 points in 669 games. Seems like an ideal player to keep, right? Too bad that’s not the case.

Toxic Times

Tavares has almost wasted his career on the poor excuse of a team that the Islanders portray themselves to be today. From the unnecessary move to Brooklyn, horrible ice conditions, terrible leadership within the coaching staff, only one playoff series win, and no true plan going forward, it’s time for him to go.

The Islanders see this situation as a saving grace, an offer to give one last effort to save the team’s top player and secure a leadership role in the locker room, but they’re forgetting the purpose of why he’s looking at other teams; to escape the insanity.

Tavares is 27 years old and hasn’t been able to reach the full potential or play on a team with elite talents who can help him achieve the ultimate prize. Sure, he’s played with great players here and there, but they’ve all followed the path he’s on right now and it’s been a sigh of relief for those former Islanders.

The Future Is Nigh

It’s important to remember that sometimes things need to end, even though it may seem like it’ll hurt a little bit. It’s like ripping off a band-aid. The faster you pull it off, the faster the pain will go away. If you wait, ease at that band-aid and let it pull away at your skin and hair, the pain is going to be more extreme and you’re going to feel more pain than you’d like.

To simplify it, Tavares needs to rip off the band-aid and look forward to other teams and pick which he feels will fit him best and support his needs. Yes, the contract the Islanders might offer may seem like great money and worthwhile, but that’s not why hockey players play the game.

They want to win, excel personally as well as with their teammates, and appreciate the sweater they wear. Right now, Tavares doesn’t seem to be doing any of that.

The future is here, and Tavares will surely look back on this as a career defining moment.

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