Monday night’s loss vs. the Predators is crushing. With the Tampa Bay Lightning beating the Chicago Blackhawks, they pulled within one point of the Boston Bruins as the Islanders stay two points behind.

They all have seven games remaining, but the Islanders hold no tiebreakers with any team in front of them. The Islanders have slim to no chance of making the playoffs as of right now. However, the season is far from over.

They will need to buckle down and play every game like it is their last if they want the playoffs. In these past two games, the Islanders have scored two goals. On Saturday against the Bruins, they went 0-for-6 on the power play. That is not going to help you win hockey games. They do not shoot enough throughout the game and when they do, there is not anyone in front of the net to cause havok for the goaltenders.

With seven games to play, the Islanders cannot leave any points on the table, or it will be bye-bye to those playoff hopes.

Upcoming schedule:

Flyers (3/30)

Devils (3/31)

Sabres (4/2)

Predators (4/4)

Hurricanes (4/6)

Devils (4/8)

Senators (4/9)

These are all winnable games, the Islanders just need to dig down deep and find a way.

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