While looking through trending news in badger-land and just basketball in general, I found something unique. I saw an article about Jontay Porter, a standing junior in high school that is bringing in lots of interest from many D1 schools. Jontay is the sibling of older brother Micheal Porter Jr. a Missouri recruit that is currently ranked first in the country in the class of 2017. Now, Jontay and Micheal have gone on record saying that they would love to team up, but his brothers skill level is one and done material. Jontay is considering reclassifying to become a senior and playing at Mizzou next year. Tyler Herro, a future member of the Wisconsin Badgers has also gone on record saying that him and Jontay are close friends. Jontay stated earlier this week in an article by Corey Evans that Wisconsin is really the only other school talking to him other than Mizzou. This shows that Herro may have a true factor in his recruitment trail.

The future of the badgers is truly unclear, but more then likely things will continue the upward trend that Wisconsin has been experiencing. If the Badgers can somehow put Porter, Herro, Kobe King, and maybe even Matthew Hurt all on the floor at one time it would be scary for opponents. The Badgers style of play has transformed into something unique ever since Gard took over. He has adopted Bo Ryan’s swing offense, but now has converted it to allow more athletic and flashy players to excell. This system has shown to work with players like Khalil Iverson, Vitto Brown, and even D’Mitrik Trice. I truly believe that this system would be the best fit for Herro, and Porter.

In my humbled opinion, I have came to the conclusion that Herro will be the next Sam Dekker for the Badgers, and now I am starting to believe that if Jontay wants to come to Madison that he can soon be a bigger and better version of Nigel Hayes. The team would feed off these two electric plays and finesse moves, and would most likely become a consistent contender for the National Title. As the years go by the Badgers continue to get better and when looking at Jontay’s options, I see a clear cut advantage towards Wisconsin. The Badgers have national recognition, tremendous atmospheres, and a recently earned respect throughout the nation.



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