Should Cleveland Indians fans be worried about Jose Ramirez and his recent slump?

Jose Ramirez has been struggling for the last month and it has been very noticeable for Tribe fans. The concern amongst the Indians faithful is that he will be playing like this going into the playoffs. Let’s take a look at some of the struggles of Jose Ramirez over the past month.

In his last 30 games, Ramirez has failed to hit .200, as the Indians third baseman is batting .182 over the course of this 30-game period. He is still drawing walks, but his strikeouts are up and the average is the biggest concern. The last time Ramirez struggled this much over a long period of time was his rookie season with the Indians.

Ramirez has also had a struggle with power over this time. He has hit just one home run which is unlike him. He has had a number of multi-home run games this season so to see him go a month with just one homer is a cause for concern. All signs point that this isn’t getting any better either. Ramirez is hitting .091 in his last seven games with a slugging percentage of .136.

If there is one positive from this time period it’s that Ramirez has continued his impressive streak of walking more than striking out in a calendar month. He currently has 16 walks to 14 strikeouts, giving him a season K/BB ratio of 78/104.

Should Indians Fans Worry?

I think being worried is more than justified. This team will likely not make it out of the ALDS if Jose is playing like this. Ramirez is a staple in the Indians lineup and without his production, I find it hard to believe the Indians could win three out of five games against Houston. Also, when looking at his stats, it doesn’t look like Jose is getting any better. The backbone of this team is their starting pitching, but Houston has a good starting staff themselves and if the offense can’t produce the ALDS will be a quick series. There should definitely be some worry among fans, but there is a chance a little rest going into the playoffs will be exactly what Ramirez needs.

Luckily for Cleveland, the rest of the offense has not been struggling as much. Even with Ramirez and his lack of production put into the equation, the Indians rank 8th in Major League Baseball in team batting average (.259), seventh in home runs (31), and fifth in on-base percentage (.346).

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