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The Bonehammer rejoins us for another mid week episode. What month is the best month to watch sports (1:05)? The guys hop right into that Monday night game where Tony promised a beat down but was afraid to give points. Who is Mahomes? Romo, Montana, or Favre (7:37)? Then, elsewhere in the NFL, the Rams are still good, Koetter may need to update his resume, and Jerry needs to learn a thing or two from Ozzy (20:39). Earl Thomas has his season ended and left with a gesture. Who is in the right and wrong here (45:44)? Then L.J. joins us for the pickem segment, where some QBs ride the hot seat and the guys are almost all about one team (55:33). All that and more, this week on Just Press Play.


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Special thanks again to Tony Green for bringing the insight and the humor this week. You won’t find any wit or  wisdom here, but you will find that he was waiting on a plane nine years ago.


Music provided by TRUTH.


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A show about everything and nothing.
A show about everything and nothing.


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