The NCAA committee made a decision that some will say is harsh and excessive others may see this decision as fair and justified.

The committee has decided to strip the University of Louisville of all wins between 2012-2015, which includes a trip to the Final Four in 2012 and Louisville’s 2013 National Championship.

Louisville must also pay the NCAA back all of the money that was made in the NCAA tournament between 2012-2015. In hopes that the committee would take it easy on them with their decision, Louisville kept themselves out of the tournament in 2016.

If you remember, this decision stems from an off-court sex scandal, that has nothing to do with the actual performance of players.

The Cardinals punishment goes far beyond the NCAA’s ruling. With no Rick Pitino, Louisville has been struggling this season under a young interim head coach. Before the recruiting scandals, the Cards had commitments from 5-star guard Anfernee Simons and 4-star guard Courtney Ramey for the 2018 class and David Johnson, a local 4-star wing in the 2019 class. All three commits decided to reopen there recruitment after news of the scandals rose to surface, turning Louisville’s future into a question mark.

Some big names in the Cardinals community spoke out after the NCAA ruling including a member from the 2013 national championship team Kevin Ware.

Interim President Greg Postel came out with a statement reiterating how most fans, players and coaches in the Louisville community are feeling towards the ruling.


Other players have come forward and all seem to have the same message, the legacy will live on, they can take away the banners but will never be able to take away what the players did for the program for the fans.

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