MLS and Adidas Agree On a Partnership

Adidas invests in MLS through apparel agreement for the next 6 years


Major League Soccer has announced a 6 year extension deal with Adidas that has been valued to at a $700 million total and about $117million per year for the league.

Ian Thomas announced the deal on his twitter :

Looking at the historical aspect of passed deals, according to Thomas, this new deal is a huge jump from the past ones:

2004: 10yr/$150m.  ($15m per)

2010: 8yr/$200m.  ($25m per)

2017: 6yr/$700m. ($117m~ per)

According to these numbers, this is nearly a 4.5x increase from the last deal that was valued at about $25 million per year. It is important to understand that this is not only an investment for Adidas, but also a representation of the league itself.

This deal shows that Adidas sees where this league is going and clearly expects the league to flourish.

The MLS has been flourishing, with a number of cities fighting for a spot to be in the MLS and it just shows how passionate the country is becoming and embracing the sport.

It is also important to see that this a new look at the “Generation Adidas” program that offers players early entry to the league during the draft.  Generation Adidas has produced players such as Clint Dempsey, Jozy Altidore, and Michael Bradley.

Although some fans feel as though it just allows Adidas to re-use the same old designs for the teams. Many fans have called for new designs on team uniforms; let’s see with this new deal if Adidas will listen.

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