NC State vs. Virginia – Recap

Although NC State brought an undefeated record into its Saturday after noon face-off with Virginia, the Pack had yet to face off against a formidable opponent. UVa, a fellow ACC team, has proven itself no laughing matter. The Cavaliers’ explosive offense, commanded by a fleet-footed quarterback in Bryce Perkins, dominated Louisville a week prior to taking on the Pack.  

However, NC State once again solidified its place as a solid unit on the way to a 35-21 victory. Offensively, the Wolfpack had its first undeniably impressive run game of the year, with 176 total rushing yards (106 coming from freshman half back Ricky Person, Jr.). This, coupled with Ryan Finley’s ability to thread the needle to receivers when needed, created an attack which was both consistent and explosive.

While UVa’s Bryce Perkins was able to post decent numbers (20-for-35 with 258 yards) and execute several clutch plays, State’s defense was able to step up and snag two interceptions from the Cavalier quarterback.

The second of these picks came in the fourth quarter, when UVa was down 15 and was able to recover an onside kick. While prior NC State fandom would normally dictate that this would be the optimal time for the Wolfpack to stop playing and allow a tragic comeback, they refused to allow another score for the remainder of the game. Could this be a new era of consistent cohesion for the Pack?

Dreaming of what could be

Last week’s win over Marshall was exciting more for its display of a fully capable Wolfpack rather than the sheer numbers in its victory.  Cohesion of offense and defense is something NC State has historically struggled with. Week four saw a glimpse of a fully functional team that many current State students have only dreamed of.  

Is this for real?

The week following that Marshall win caused NS State fans to hold their breath. Would the team be able to maintain this functionality? Is this just some sort of cruel joke to make it that much more sour when things fall apart? At least for now, NC State vs. Virginia has validated the hope that maybe the Pack can  play not only efficiently, but that they can deliver on this efficiency weekly. Cohesion and consistency.

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