So the New York Yankees sold and called it quits for the year. The Mets are now Kings of New York and the Yankees will fall into more years of mediocrity until the now top ranked farm system is harvested. After trading away their top hitter, Carlos Beltran, and pitchers Aroldis Chapman and Andrew Miller it seemed like the Yankees might end the season under .500 for the first time in over 20 years. But wait a minute, they’re doing okay?

Since the trade deadline the Yankees have tied a four game series with the Mets, won a series against the first place Indians, and a series in Fenway. The Bronx Bombers currently stand 3.5 games out of the Wildcard and don’t really look that bad. Actually, as it stands the Yankees have a better record (58-56) than the deadline buying Mets (57-57). Granted its still too soon from the deadline to really tell. The Yankees don’t have the offensive consistency to catch up to the Red Sox or the Orioles. But for now, the team looks like they could make this Wild Card Race a little tough for some teams.

Will the Yankees make an incredible run and once again make it to the playoffs despite the odds? Probably not. But its not the doom and gloom that we expected.


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