It’s finally football time in Oklahoma. It will only take fans and critics of the Sooners about a minute into post-game before they begin overreacting to the opener, regardless of how it plays out. There are many ways this game could unfold, one of those could be a loss to a really impressive Florida Atlantic team that looks to improve on their successful 2017 campaign.

With this being said, I want to break down some of the best and worst case scenarios facing Oklahoma before they take the field this Saturday.

Best Case Scenario:

Oklahoma’s defense looks vastly improved early on and is ready to slow down one of the best running backs in the country in Devin Singletary. He accumulated almost 2,000 yards on the ground and 32 touchdowns last season. The Sooners have struggled against the run in recent years and focused on that during the off-season through practice, and by recruiting star players on all levels of the defense. Properly communicating, and solid tackling, should help them contain this beast of a back.

Worst Case Scenario: 

The Sooners come out cocky and fail to play up to the hype they have been building all summer. The defense comes out flat like they did against Tulane, they allow Lane Kiffin’s complex offense to shine early. Despite the Sooners own high-powered offense, they’ll still need the defense to force some turnovers and get off the field. If Singletary racks up first down after first down, then it could be extremely hard for the Oklahoma offense to get on the field.

Best Case Scenario: 

Kyler Murray steps on the field in Norman and performs exactly like the former five-star recruit and Texas high-school legend people witnessed a few years ago. He showed promising flashes last season with his arm and his legs, but being QB1 at Oklahoma is a lot of pressure. He has one of the strongest supporting casts in the country at his disposal, and if he plays relaxed, the offense shouldn’t skip a beat.

Worst Case Scenario: 

The shadow Baker Mayfield left in Norman is too much to overcome, Kyler Murray isn’t able to step up and make the necessary plays. Lincoln Riley is an offensive mastermind, and should be able to create a terrific game plan for Murray, but it’s on Kyler once the ball is snapped. There shouldn’t be a scenario where Rodney Anderson and Trey Sermon don’t touch the ball 40 times, but if it’s all on Murray the Sooners offense could be in trouble. Florida Atlantic has an incredible secondary player in Jalen Young, who has been a star on their defense the past three seasons. He will line up all over the field, and will definitely be looking to cause some mayhem in the passing game.

Best Case Scenario:

This one is simple. The Oklahoma secondary plays up to their potential and shows vast improvements on what has been a lackluster couple seasons under Mike Stoops. It all begins with Radley-Hiles and the impact he makes against the run and the pass. Expect to see him tear it up Saturday, and leave his mark on the field.

Worst Case Scenario: 

2017 repeats itself all over again. The secondary struggled in every game last season, and that could easily happen against The Owl’s. Willie Wright is a speedster and will look to exploit these defensive backs.  


This game should be a Sooner win and a great start to the season, but they will have to play really strong football against an Owl team led by a great coach, and coming off 10 straight wins to close out 2017. They’ve got some huge momentum built up, and if they want to really make some noise in 2018, an upset win against Oklahoma would do just that.

Game 1 Prediction – OU 45 FAU 27

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