No. Player POS College Tenure (Years w/ PIT)
22 Bobby Layne QB Texas 1958-1962
7 Jim Finks QB Tulsa 1949-1955
0 Johnny Clement QB Southern Methodist 1946-1948
24 Byron Whizzer White HB Colorado 1938
42 Dick Hoak HB Penn State 1961-1970
49 Lynn Chandnois HB Michigan State 1950-1956
30 Tom Tracy HB Tennessee 1958-1963
35 John Henry Johnson FB Arizona State 1960-1965
33 Fran Rogel FB Penn State 1950-1957
87 Roy Jefferson WR Utah 1965-1969
25 Ray Mathews WR Clemson 1951-1959
85 Gary Ballman WR Michigan State 1962-1966
84 Buddy Dial WR Rice 1959-1963
20 Wilbur Sortet WR West Virginia 1933-1940
81 Elbie Nickel TE Cincinnati 1947-1957
54 Val Jansante TE Villanova 1946-1951
82 John Hilton TE Richmond 1965-1969
56 Bill Walsh C Notre Dame 1949-1956
21 Chuck Cherundolo C Penn State 1941-42; 1945-48
66 Bruce Van Dyke G Missouri 1967-1973
62 Mike Sandusky G Maryland 1957-1965
65 John Nisby G Pacific 1957-1961
39 John Perko G Duquesne 1937-1940; 1944-1947
71 Charlie Bradshaw T Baylor 1961-1966
77 Dan James T Ohio State 1960-1966
74 Frank Varrichione T Norte Dame 1955-1960
28 Ted Doyle T Nebraska 1938-1945
84 Bill McPeak DE Pittsburgh 1949-1957
78 John Baker, Jr. DE North Carolina Central 1963-1967
60 Ben McGee, Jr. DE Jackson State 1964-1972
82 George Tarasovic DE LSU 1952-1963
70 Ernie Stautner DT Boston College 1950-1963
75 Joe Krupa DT Purdue 1956-1964
76 Eugene Lipscomb DT No College 1961-1962
64 Chuck Hinton DT North Carolina Central 1964-1970
50 John Reger OLB Pittsburgh 1955-1963
60 Dale Dodrill OLB Colorado State 1951-1959
49 Jerry Shipkey OLB UCLA 1948-1952
57 Frank Sinkovitz OLB Duke 1947-1952
66 Myron Pottios MLB Notre Dame 1961-1965
63 Darrell Hogan MLB Baylor 1949-1953
80 Jack Butler CB St. Bonaventure 1951-1959
26 Brady Keys CB Colorado State 1961-1967
47 Marv Woodson CB Indiana 1964-1969
24 Johnny Sample CB Maryland-Eastern Shore 1961-1962
29 Bob Hohn CB Nebraska 1965-1969
26 Gary Glick CB Colorado State 1956-1959
35 Bill Dudley S Virginia 1942; 1945-46
28 Clendon Thomas S Oklahoma 1962-1968
20 Paul Martha S Pittsburgh 1964-1969
44 Willie Daniel S Mississippi State 1961-1966
17 Armand Niccolai K Duquesne 1934-1942
18 Pat Brady P Bradley 1952-1954


Finalized 53-man roster

Jock Sutherland, Head Coach

Art Rooney, Sr., Owner/President


The Pittsburgh Steelers Centurion team, 1933-1969, represents the Steelers pre-Super Bowl era. This is the best the team has to offer from this long tenure of losing showcased talent overshadowed by a history of mediocracy and suffering.


Most Difficult Decision:

To be quite honest, it was hard leaving off a few players, such a couple few hall of famers in Walt Kiesling, Johnny ‘Blood’ McNally, and Robert ‘Cal’ Hubbard. Neither one of those players, though, aren’t recognized as Pittsburgh Steelers. So, I had an initial list of 90-plus players and had to cut it down to standardized NFL roster regulations for Week 1 of the regular season. I considered a 10-man practice squad, but that would have just complicated things a bit. For me, there weren’t many difficult decisions to make, and frankly, I think this squad would win a few championships if I’m being quite honest. Manning this ship would be non-other than a Pittsburgh-area legend in Jock Sutherland. He led the team to its first ever playoff appearance in 1947 against inter-state rival Philadelphia. Sutherland was on to do great things for the Steelers but sadly passed away in the summer of 1948, a few months before the start of the 1948 NFL season.

Starting Lineups:


QB 22 Bobby Layne

HB 42 Dick Hoak

FB 35 John Henry Johnson

WR 87 Roy Jefferson

WR 25 Ray Mathews

TE 81 Elbie Nickel

LT 71 Charlie Bradshaw

LG 66 Bruce Van Dyke

C 56 Bill Walsh

RG 62 Mike Sandusky

RT 77 Dan James



LE 78 John Baker, Jr.

DT 70 Ernie Stautner

DT 76 Eugene Lipscomb

RE 84 Bill McPeak

LOLB 50 John Reger

MLB 66 Myron Pottios

ROLB 60 Dale Dodrill

CB 80 Jack Butler

CB 26 Brady Keys

FS 35 Bill Dudley

SS 28 Clendon Thomas


Special Teams:

K 17 Armand Niccolai

P 18 Pat Brady

LS 82 John Hilton

RET 24 Johnny Sample

RET 24 Byron Whizzer White


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