Frank Ragnow



    Team: Arkansas Razorbacks

    Position: OL

    Number: 72

    Class: Senior

    Height/Weight: 6’5″ 319 lbs 

    High School (Hometown): Chanhassen HS (Victoria, MN)



    The Armchair Scout: 2018 NFL rookie spectacular

    The NFL season is here, which means a whole bunch of rookies debuting. The Armchair Scout goes through the rookie class with his All-Rookie team, rookie stat projections, and he picks who will be the best rookie on every NFL team.

    NFC North Divisional Preview

    Rob Paul and AJ Marchese canoe across the Great Lakes to preview what is sure to be a turbulent and tumultuous division, the NFC North. None of the teams look like sinkers but some may merely float while others sail triumphantly off into the sunset. 

    The Only Important Use of Numbers

    Rob Paul and AJ Marchese deep dive and analyze all of the rookie first-round picks new jersey numbers! The bad, the good, the ugly they talk it all with weird number takes that are totally baseless and nonsensical. Before that they run through NFL news like the sale of the Panthers, the Reuben Foster case, and the Browns being on Hard Knocks.

    The Armchair Scout: Best fits of the 2018 NFL Draft first-round

    Too often NFL fit is overlooked during the NFL Draft process. Fit is almost always as important as actual talent in the NFL. The Armchair Scout picks his 10 favorite fits of the first-round of the 2018 NFL Draft.

    2018 NFL Draft Grades for the AFC and NFC North

    AJ Marchese and Rob Paul take a deeper look at each NFL teams draft classes by breaking down the divisions. They start with the AFC and NFC North walking through every selection the teams made and grading the teams draft classes. 



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