Graham Gano



    Team: Carolina Panthers

    Position: Kicker

    Number: 9

    Experience: 8th season

    Height/Weight: 6’2″/205 lbs

    College: Florida State

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    Get Off My Lawn

    The guys bring in a special guest, Tony had to move in with his son after a few bad bets, but we soldier on to talk about that wild Monday Night game, who to put the money on an, who won’t play any January games, and why cheerleaders in Mississippi are dangerous. All that and more, this holiday on Just Press Play. Show notes and more can be found on our website, check out how we’re doing in Playoffs?! and Buy Buy Buy. Music provided by TRUTH. This week’s episode is brought to you, use offer code JPP to double your initial investment.

    NFL Week 5 : It’s Easy Being Brees’y

    Rob Paul and AJ Marchese answer all your questions about the NFL including but not limited to; Are the Eagles going to get the offense going? Are the Ravens being over hyped? Why is Tennessee so up and down? And, can the Chiefs be stopped? All that plus their picks for Week 6!

    Fantasy Rankings: D/ST and K

    Since training camps are underway, it's no longer too early for some fantasy rankings! Of course, that has never mattered. Anyway, let's rank some defenses and kickers just to get this over with.
    Texas Bowl

    Texas Recruiting: Texas Bowl impact

    Tom Herman may have boosted the Texas recruiting effort with the huge Texas Bowl win over Missouri. Check out the potential impact it may have here.

    The Deep Route Fantasy Notebook: Week Four

    The Deep Route Fantasy Notebook features recaps and thoughts about the recent action in the...

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