Tarik Cohen



    Team: Chicago Bears

    Position: RB

    Number: 29

    Experience: R

    Height/Weight: 5’6″ / 179

    College: North Carolina A&T



    2018 Year In Review – Just The Beginning

    This week on The Bears Talk Underground!!! Before we clean out our lockers and venture out into the off-season, Larry D comes back one last time to pay homage to the amazing year that was in 2018 and look forward to what can be in 2019!! Did this season actually happen? Or was it all just a dream? Lorin Cox from Locked on Bears joins us for the 2018 Year in Review episode of The Bears Talk Underground!!

    Motion of the Ocean

    On this wall to wall football episode, the guys get a bit out of hand. Trevor Lawrence and the Tigers roll Alabama. Andrew Luck doesn’t get touched by two start pass rushers, and Mahomes is gonna need some help from his pass rushers. Russell Wilson wasn’t given a chance and now the Cowboys get to take their shot against the wunderkinds in Los Angeles. Can the Chargers keep a team down in the 4th quarter? They’ll have to against the best team at getting back on top. And a triple doinker gets the Eagles a shot in the Superdome. Do they stand a chance against the Problem Solver and his band of beasts? The guys pick their winners for the rest of the players and Kevin tries hard to keep us on track. All that and more, this week on Just Press Play. Show notes and more can be found on our website, check out how we’re doing in Playoffs?! and Buy Buy Buy. Music provided by TRUTH. This week’s episode is brought to you MyBookie.ag, use offer code JPP to add 50% your initial investment, and TixBlitz.com, a ticket provider for sports, music, shows, and more. Enter Armchair at checkout for 5% off your your ticket price.

    Bird Watching Journal: Eagles streak into the playoffs with same mentality as last year

    Most people counted out the defending Super Bowl champions during multiple points of the season. Well they made the playoffs and have something to prove once again.

    Week Sixteen Review – Bears Survive Scrappy 49ers

    This week on The Bears Talk Underground!! San Francisco has never really been a friendly place for our Beloved and Sunday promised to be no different against a struggling 49er team, looking to defend their home ground and uin our Beloved's chance at a 1st round bye!! Did the Bears get their 4th road win of the season? Or did San Francisco send us back home unhappy? All of this plus Bear Up/Bear Down on the Week Sixteen Review episode of The Bears Talk Underground!!!

    Week Sixteen Preview – Bears at 49ers

    This week on The Bears Talk Underground!!! Even with a playoff berth clinched and a division crown in tow, the regular season isnt over yet and there is work still left to be done. As our Beloved head out west to face the fiesty 49ers with the hopes that another victory will get the closer to a first round playoff bye!! Can Nagy keep the Bears focused? Or will they just phone it in? Oscar Aparicio of the Better Rivals podast joins us on the Week Sixteen Preview episode of The Bears Talk Underground!!



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