Tre’Davious White

    Credit: @TreWhite16 (Twitter)
    Credit: @TreWhite16 (Twitter)


    NAME: Tre’Davious White

    TEAM: Buffalo Bills


    NUMBER: 27

    HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 5’11” / 191 pounds

    COLLEGE (HOMETOWN): LSU (Shreveport, LA)



    Hiccups Mean You’re Growing

    This week, Kevin calls out how wrong we’ve been before we figure out who would win, the men or the boys (1:05). Then, are the aliens sending out a spy and should we try harder to get their attention (11:00)? Dez had a bad week, but at least the Cowboys are so low a 7 year old can diagnose their problems (19:08). Then we talk about bathroom efficiency (26:06), hiccups and how Richard became Dick (32:03), and who not to be at the gas station (37:51). A college football legend got fired on the air this week (47:59) and we have a great cause we’d love some help on (54:05). We finish up with what we’re listening to and why it’s so damn hard to correctly perceive yourself (55:12). All that and more, on this information dense episode of Just Press Play. Show notes and more can be found on our website. Music provided by TRUTH. This week’s episode is brought to you, use offer code JPP to double your initial investment.

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    Potential Pro Bowlers in 2018

    This week on RTS Rob Paul and AJ Marchese go position by position listing who they think is most likely to make the leap to the Pro Bowl for their very first time in 2018. They talk up a lot of young talented players and question the Pro Bowl voting system on multiple occasions. 

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