Saturday, December 4, 2021

Jamel Johnson

Jamel Johnson is a comedy from Woodbridge, Virginia who currently lives in LA. That’s all you get until Washington announces the name change.

Danny Solomon

Danny Solomon is a comedian and TV veteran living in LA. He is currently a writer on MTV’s Ridiculousness, and has also written for shows on FX, Comedy Central, TruTV, and a few networks that don’t exist anymore. His highly acclaimed album “Genius” was released on Blonde Medicine Records, and is the official standup album of the Kansas City Chiefs, the greatest dynasty of the 2020s.

Daniel Hartigan

Daniel Hartigan is a Los Angeles based writer and producer who currently writes on MTV’s Ridiculousness. Daniel is currently ranked as the #1 Madden player in the world, he’s a former college football player and most importantly, he’s a Philadelphia Eagles extremist. His life’s purpose is to triumph over his enemies by creating great on-screen romances.