To boo or not to boo Jimmy Butler, how should the fans treat the former Sixer when he returns to the Wells Fargo Center as a visitor in November?

Let’s get the opinion of current Sixer Mike Scott, who’s a fan favorite and former teammate of Butler.

During a radio interview on 94 WIP, Scott said he expects boos on Nov. 23 when the Miami Heat come to town.

“When he does come to Philly, y’all better boo the s—t out of him,” Scott said. “Believe that, you have to. You have to do that and I’m gonna boo with y’all.”

This type of answer is why Scott and the fans of Philadelphia have developed a friendship since he came in a trade last season.

He’s not afraid to be honest and appears to be authentic when answering questions.

So, what’s the answer?

Fans shouldn’t overthink this question or take it too seriously.

Most likely Butler will be boo’d because he wanted to play in Miami over Philadelphia.

Some fans found it odd he would choose to play for a team that isn’t a championship contender. But he’s a great player who made a tremendous impact on the team and fanbase in just six months.

Unfortunately for many fans, Butler and the Sixers organization couldn’t make a long-term commitment work.

It’s still unclear if Butler received a max contract offer from the Sixers. Maybe he truly wanted to play for the Heat and there was no changing his mind regardless of any offer.

But none of that really matters anymore. He’s gone and the Sixers moved on with Josh Richardson and Al Horford.

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